10 Best Anime Shows on Peacock in 2022

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Anime is as diverse as you can hope for now, with new studios coming forward and creating marvelous shows in different genres, the competition’s as tough as ever. The number of people hooked to anime has gone up ever since the 2000s. While you and I were mostly focused on Ash’s journey to becoming a Pokemon master, there have been countless more adventures.

While PeacockTV doesn’t exactly have the biggest lineup when it comes to anime, there are still several of shows you can enjoy. We’ve gone ahead and listed the 10 best anime shows on Peacock for you to watch.

One Punch Man

Genre: Action, Comedy, Superhero

Studio: Madhouse (Season 1), J.C. Staff (Season 2)

Runtime: 24 minutes


One Punch Man’s universe boasts humans and monsters with special abilities that are constantly fighting each other. Amidst them, is Saitama; a person so strong, that he can kill almost anyone with just a single punch.

Ever since Saitama became an ultimate force, he has been in an existential crisis. With everyone withering away immediately in a battle, he feels that his life has been devoid of basic human emotions and challenge. He had hoped to face someone who could put up a fight against him, but to no avail. This leads to some comedic, and often thought-provoking moments, something One is particularly famous for in his mangas.

Death Note

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Psychological Thriller

Studio: Madhouse

Runtime: 100 minutes


The plot of Death Note takes place in Tokyo, where our main character “Light Yagami” finds an odd book called the “Death Note”. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about this specific plot device from someone on the Internet. The book can kill anyone, under the condition that the user knows its target’s identity and name.

The anime follows Light around as he makes a few mistakes initially with the Death Note in his possession, which thus begins a hunt by Interpol to bring him to justice.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Studio: David Production

Runtime: 30 minutes


The bizarre world in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is made up of supernatural beings and forces. Certain individuals possess the ability to utilize their spiritual power to make a Stand or use their energy, referred to as “Hamon”, which lets the user utilize sunlight through breathing.

Throughout the duration of the anime, you’ll be following different characters and their development through JoJo’s world. These protagonists are members of the Joestar family. For the first six episodes, you’ll be watching a rivalry between Jonathan and Dio unfold, and for the remaining part of the show, you’ll find yourself in an alternative universe where the family tree of Joestar is changed in various ways.


Genre: Adventure, Fantasy Comedy, Martial Arts

Studio: Pierrot

Runtime: 22 minutes


Naruto has had various subplots, and filler stories over the years. If you’re not familiar with the anime and are interested in submersing yourself in a literal month-long journey (or 14 days of continuous binge-watching), then look no further.

The anime starts off with the attack of Nine-Tails on Konoha, to which the Fourth Hokage sacrifices himself in order to protect the village. As he does so, the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, seals the beast within Naruto Uzumaki, taking Minato’s life in the process.

Naruto Uzumaki does not initially know about the beast’s existence, and he continues to go across the world until 12 years later, he learns about what happened in the hidden leaf village, and how his father died.

Through his journey, he teams up with Sasuke (his rival), and Sakura (his crush), a journey that ultimately leads to Naruto becoming the Hokage.

Hunter x Hunter

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Studio: Nippon Animation

Runtime: 26 minutes


In Hunter x Hunter, there are specific individuals that have gone through rigorous training via the Hunter Association to mark themselves as unique individuals that are licensed to track down dangerous and rare beasts, secret treasures, and other people. As they excel in their field, they will be rewarded with up to three stars that signify their achievements.

The story of this particular anime follows Gon Freecss who discovers that his father has been alive all along and has been a Hunter. Learning this, Gon leaves his home and goes on to eventually become a hunter like him. 

As they face the adversities of a would-be Hunter they are met with other capable individuals who would become their equals. Gon eventually passes the exam and becomes a licensed hunter but his journey is not yet over as he has a lot more to master before he can stand against the worst this world has to offer.

Legend of Deification/Jiang Ziya

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Studio: Beijing Enlight Pictures

Runtime: 110 minutes


Jiang Ziya, or otherwise known as Legend of Deification, is a Chinese 3D animation that shows the downfall of the Shang dynasty due to a Fox spirit. War is waged across this universe’s three realms and in time, the Fox spirit is imprisoned.

A mortal who goes by the name Jiang Ziya, is given the responsibility of executing the Fox. In an unexpected turn of events, the Fox shows Jiang that a small girl is inside of it and going through with the execution would result in the death of the girl as well. 

Unfortunately, Jiang ends up killing the Fox, and is later traumatized. Banished to the North Sea, Jiang has to correct his mind before he can return again.

Sound! Euphonium the Movie – Our Promise: A Brand New Day

Genre: Drama, Slice of Life

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Runtime: 104 minutes


The animated movie revolves around Kitauji High School’s Concert Band Club, which used to be the best. Once the advisor changed, they saw a decrease in their momentum and were no longer regarded as the best. Eventually, a new adviser came in and brought them back up.

As they begin to practice again, they will again compete in the tournament as they balance their studies and club activities together. 

Kumiko is a first-year student who is a euphonium player with an indecisive personality that is easily swayed by others’ opinions. Other characters include Reina, Asuka, and Noboru.

One Stormy Night: Secret Friends

Genre: Drama, Adventure

Studio: Group TAC

Runtime: 23 minutes


One Stormy Night: Secret Friends is going to hit you right in the feels. There’s a goat named Mei, and her to-be forever friend, a wolf named Gabu. Both of them met in a barn but could not see nor smell each other. Using a passcode, “One stormy night”, the two were able to recognize each other the next day, only to find out that Mei was a goat, and Gabu was a wolf.

Their respective clans wanted to use the two to spy on the other, but to keep their friendship safe, they decided to cross a river, and travel to the emerald forest, to be away from their groups.

The leader of the wolves marked Gabu as a traitor and led a search for the companions, to hunt them down. As the two friends try to escape, they are faced with various challenges and the viewer will go through an emotional roller coaster as the two try to preserve their friendship.

In This Corner of the World

Genre: Anime, War, Drama, Historical Fiction

Studio: MAPPA

Runtime: 129 minutes


In This Corner of the World, is an animated movie that buries its roots deep in the Hiroshima incident. The main character is Suzu, who is an artist and has a crush on her friend named Tetsu. However, as time goes on, Suzu grows out of her infatuation and becomes proficient at painting, eventually marrying Shusaku at the age of 18.

Everything’s good for a while, until the United States started attacking Japan, and Suzu, along with Shusaku’s family, begins to aid the city in whatever way she can. The story unfolds with a lot of heartwrenching moments that are sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Genre: Action, Comedy, Yanki

Studio: Pierrot

Runtime: 140 minutes


Eikichi Onizuka is a fairly unorthodox personality who is a 22-year-old ex-gang member. He somehow miraculously manages to land a date with a girl at a local shopping mall but it falls apart when her boyfriend, who also happens to be her teacher, shows up.

Seeing this, Onizuka did what any normal man would do, and set out to become a teacher himself. He manages to earn a teaching degree from a college and starts applying for teaching jobs to meet girls.


Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural

Studio: Artland

Runtime: 23 minutes


In Reborn! Tsunayoshi Sawada is elected to become a boss in the Vongola family. Tsunayoshi, or otherwise known as Tsuna is trained by Reborn. As Tsuna trains to become stronger and fights various convicted Mafia members to gain experience. During his time training, he poses as a student in Kokuyo Junior High.

As Tsuna embarks on this dangerous journey, he makes new friends to rely on, and grows under the training of his tutor and now-partner Reborn.


That’s ten of the best animes you can get started watching on Peacock. We’ve made sure to not include any major details from the anime, to keep the best parts a bit of a secret as you head in with a clear head.

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