47 Best Cat YouTube Channels of 2023

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We searched YouTube to curate this list of the best cat YouTube channels for people who love cats. These cat YouTubers share their experiences with various cat breeds as well as tips for keeping cats healthy and happy. This list is ranked in order of popularity based on the highest subscriber count. Email us suggestions at [email protected].

1. Talking Kitty Cat

I am a musician and an animal lover. I’ve been on youtube since 2007.

Subscribers: 2,830,000

Views: 974,871,000

Videos: 167

Average Views Per Video: 5,837,551

Joined: Nov 30, 2007

Popular Video: Talking Kitty Cat 44 – BAD! BAD! BAD!

2. CatPusic

Watching videos of the clever, curious and funny Pusiс will make you happy.

Subscribers: 1,780,000

Views: 657,665,636

Videos: 231

Average Views Per Video: 2,847,038

Joined: Nov 13, 2015

Popular Video: Waiter! Bring me food!

3. Robin Seplut

You’ve come to Robin Seplut’s channel, which features videos about feeding and rescuing stray kittens and cats that were born on the streets of the town, or were thrown out on the streets by their owners.

Subscribers: 1,600,000

Views: 536,109,090

Videos: 2,743

Average Views Per Video: 195,447

Joined: May 11, 2014

Popular Video: Kittens came out of the hole and meows

4. Cole and Marmalade

We hope you enjoy our videos featuring, Cole, Marmalade, Jugg, ZigZag, Bond, Maz and Calypso!

Subscribers: 1,440,000

Views: 432,405,982

Videos: 415

Average Views Per Video: 1,041,943

Joined: Jul 19, 2007

Popular Video: What Cats Do At Night…

5. TheMeanKitty

If you love cats, silly skits, experiments, cute animals, weird sounds, songs about cats (The Mean Kitty Song) or anything having to do with small furry creatures that do funny things then this channel is for you!

Subscribers: 1,400,000

Views: 379,546,457

Videos: 210

Average Views Per Video: 1,807,365

Joined: Jun 19, 2008

Popular Video: How To Get A Kitty Belly

6. Cat Man Chris

Hi, my name’s Chris Poole and I’m a crazy cat guy! (and proud of it) … I’m also owned by internet kitties Cole & Marmalade.

Subscribers: 935,000

Views: 261,183,503

Videos: 110

Average Views Per Video: 2,374,396

Joined: Aug 1, 2015

Popular Video: Cute Kittens Play in Ball Pit

7. Relax My Cat – Relaxing Music for Cats

RelaxMyCat specialises in music and TV designed to help cats and kittens with a variety of problems including separation anxiety, sleep problems, loneliness, boredom and depression.

Subscribers: 714,000

Views: 160,680,144

Videos: 1,759

Average Views Per Video: 91,348

Joined: Apr 15, 2013

Popular Video: Calming Music for Cats with Anxiety! Deep Soothing Music for Anxious, ill and Stressed Cats! (2018)

8. Funnycatsandnicefish

Most funny cats and cute kittens videos here! Meet my hilarious and ridiculous Cat Rocky, Toffee and Coco and her awesome Kittens.

Subscribers: 545,000

Views: 182,511,650

Videos: 374

Average Views Per Video: 488,000

Joined: Jun 4, 2012

Popular Video: Mom Cat talking to her Cute Meowing Kittens | Generation “P”

9. Kute Cats

Cute cats, best funny cat videos ^^

Subscribers: 427,000

Views: 174,931,181

Videos: 216

Average Views Per Video: 809,867

Joined: Oct 16, 2016

Popular Video: 【面白い動画】 かわいい猫 – かわいい犬 – 最も面白いペットの動画 #16

10. Ginger Kitties Four

Subscribe for all things cat & kitten related with Zeus & Phoebe and Helios & Athena, and all of their kittens.

Subscribers: 425,000

Views: 157,646,540

Videos: 519

Average Views Per Video: 303,751

Joined: Jan 7, 2007

Popular Video: 2017 Edition Basket of 11 Meowing Kittens

11. Hosico Cat

I’m Hosico! Fluffy cheeks and sweetie-pie!

Subscribers: 418,000

Views: 112,955,406

Videos: 698

Average Views Per Video: 161,828

Joined: May 27, 2015

Popular Video: Today is master-class: how to paint a cat

12. Sho Ko

Brightening up your day, waving the flag for shelter cats, and reminding us that life is pawesome!

Subscribers: 348,000

Views: 163,592,563

Videos: 453

Average Views Per Video: 361,132

Joined: Dec 18, 2010

Popular Video: 8 signs your cat is actually a dog

13. WOA Mew

Woa Mew is a Youtube channel for all those who love animals and are interested in their information.

Subscribers: 345,000

Views: 39,659,699

Videos: 910

Average Views Per Video: 43,583

Joined: Nov 21, 2015

Popular Video: Funny Cats Vs Mouse| Tom and Jerry Real Life | Top Cats Video Compilation

14. Lil BUB

This is the offical Lil BUB channel. There is only one BUB.

Subscribers: 336,000

Views: 59,142,642

Videos: 267

Average Views Per Video: 221,509

Joined: Oct 12, 2011

Popular Video: FOUND FOOTAGE of an 8 Week Old Baby BUB

15. Kitten Academy

This channel features videos of and about our foster cats – and the “foster failures” that live with us forever now.

Subscribers: 240,000

Views: 38,940,816

Videos: 2,097

Average Views Per Video: 18,570

Joined: Jul 2, 2006

Popular Video: Toffee leads the chorus.

16. TinyKittens HQ

We help cats and kittens in need.

Subscribers: 203,000

Views: 142,258,098

Videos: 780

Average Views Per Video: 182,383

Joined: May 25, 2013

Popular Video: Ancient battle-scarred feral cat meets tiny kittens

17. Tom and Mimi

This Channel is dedicated to My Cats.

Subscribers: 180,000

Views: 66,571,490

Videos: 1,329

Average Views Per Video: 50,092

Joined: Sep 1, 2007

Popular Video: Cat Fight Compilation Video | 4K

18. smoothiethecat

Subscribers: 149,000

Views: 24,172,970

Videos: 159

Average Views Per Video: 152,032

Joined: Jan 31, 2016

Popular Video: Cat Acts Like A Dog

19. The Kits Cats

Cute & funny cat videos filled with love. The KitsCats are: Roodi & Cupcake, Thunder & Monkey and Kami

Subscribers: 98,200

Views: 45,616,388

Videos: 864

Average Views Per Video: 52,797

Joined: Jul 23, 2010

Popular Video: Kitty Cate & Her Kittens – So Much Cute & Crazy Fun!

20. Bad Cat

So I’ve created a playlist of cats videos to share their lovely and funny moments with all of you – who are also animal lovers and especially delight in cats like me.

Subscribers: 86,700

Views: 10,790,035

Videos: 60

Average Views Per Video: 179,834

Joined: Oct 14, 2012

Popular Video: Adorable Cats Compilation – Funny Cat Vines #15 – Super Tiny and Cute Kitten

21. Cat Lessons

Cat DIY’s and other feline curiosities.

Subscribers: 79,000

Views: 25,357,602

Videos: 75

Average Views Per Video: 338,102

Joined: Mar 30, 2006

Popular Video: What’s Your Cat’s Petting Style?

22. Alvi cat channel

The name of this channel is a tribute to our incredible ginger cat Alvi, who sadly passed away April 30th 2021. Watch his videos to see why he was loved by people all over the world!

Subscribers: 69,700

Views: 13,867,434

Videos: 274

Average Views Per Video: 50,612

Joined: Feb 6, 2017

Popular Video: Alvi cat : 10 unmistakable signs your cat really loves you

23. Frozen Kitten

Just your typical, everyday, ordinary Flame Point Siamese kitten found frozen and nearly dead in a foot of freshly fallen snow on Thanksgiving morning and brought BACK TO LIFE by the loving Bingham family!

Subscribers: 65,800

Views: 7,087,541

Videos: 92

Average Views Per Video: 77,039

Joined: Feb 23, 2016

Popular Video: THEY LEFT ME!


This is a DIY channel dedicated to cats. I make videos of the process of making an ideal cat room and cat house.

Subscribers: 64,000

Views: 7,014,546

Videos: 67

Average Views Per Video: 104,695

Joined: Mar 16, 2020

Popular Video: DIY – Building My Cat an Outdoor House !! CATIO -Patio for Cat-

25. GBC Cats

In this Channel you would see mostly outdoor cats. They climb trees and walls, catch rats, mouse, lizards, birds etc and may or may not eat it!

Subscribers: 47,700

Views: 17,570,399

Videos: 289

Average Views Per Video: 60,798

Joined: Jan 4, 2012

Popular Video: 2 cats eating nearly 20 raw fishes (Not even a single piece was left!)

26. Krzysztof Smejlis

Funny cats and my hobbies.

Subscribers: 38,500

Views: 34,363,051

Videos: 455

Average Views Per Video: 75,524

Joined: Sep 8, 2010

Popular Video: Cat Misses His Owner and He’s Happy When Owner is Back – Funny Ending!

27. CatCrazy Channel

I’m Petra Luna and have such a passion for felines that I created a YouTube channel full of content devoted to cats and their hoomans.

Subscribers: 38,300

Views: 662,457

Videos: 192

Average Views Per Video: 3,451

Joined: Apr 25, 2019

Popular Video: 😻 CatCrazy: Celebrities raise money for feral cats! Watch…

28. Cats Protection

Cats Protection is the UK’s largest feline welfare charity, rehoming and reuniting over 45,000 cats and kittens every year through its network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 31 adoption centres including two homing centres.

Subscribers: 37,300

Views: 10,040,308

Videos: 400

Average Views Per Video: 25,101

Joined: Jul 21, 2008

Popular Video: Body Language in Cats

29. Sissi The Red Cat

Sissi is a most popular internet cat that she lives in Italy ( Carpenedolo, Brescia ) and she is 5 years old.

Subscribers: 32,700

Views: 3,194,159

Videos: 473

Average Views Per Video: 6,753

Joined: Dec 26, 2009

Popular Video: Owner comes home and calls his cat that is on the mountain – SISSI THE RED CAT

30. Tom & Mimi

This Channel is dedicated to My Cats.

Subscribers: 29,800

Views: 12,644,427

Videos: 1,255

Average Views Per Video: 10,076

Joined: Sep 22, 2015

Popular Video: Cats Play Fighting

31. Jonasek The Cat

I’m a kitty tiger Jonasek. I love life.

Subscribers: 28,600

Views: 7,881,249

Videos: 56

Average Views Per Video: 140,737

Joined: Sep 23, 2015

Popular Video: EPIC cardboard cat house DIY

32. IAmNalaCat

Hi I’m Nala, 8years old Siamese & Tabbymix.

Subscribers: 28,300

Views: 1,172,224

Videos: 109

Average Views Per Video: 10,755

Joined: Apr 6, 2012

Popular Video: Iamnalacat

33. Always Hungry Cat

Subscribers: 15,500

Views: 17,458,824

Videos: 281

Average Views Per Video: 62,132

Joined: Apr 8, 2011

Popular Video: Mr. Pepper

34. Anakin The Two Legged Cat

Ani is a two legged cat, born without a pelvis or back legs but that doesn’t stop him. He is full of love & life!

Subscribers: 13,600

Views: 5,002,513

Videos: 75

Average Views Per Video: 66,701

Joined: Aug 2, 2006

Popular Video: Anakin our two legged kitten playing with his ball & feather

35. Furball Fables

Cat entertainment with a higher purrpose for those that worship cats!

Subscribers: 10,700

Views: 3,788,135

Videos: 395

Average Views Per Video: 9,591

Joined: Nov 7, 2009

Popular Video: Cats VS Bubble Wrap – Furball Fables

36. Hot Rocket Bengal Cats

Our channel is dedicated to the antics & mischief of our three Bengal cats Rocket, Pixel & Sushi.

Subscribers: 9,690

Views: 3,422,386

Videos: 25

Average Views Per Video: 136,896

Joined: Oct 3, 2010

Popular Video: Meowing, chirping, yowling! NOISY Bengal cats talking!

37. Jennifer Morales – Feline Films

Life according to my rescue cats: Abby, Athena, Cleo, Daisy & Annie

Subscribers: 5,650

Views: 1,118,938

Videos: 490

Average Views Per Video: 2,284

Joined: Aug 25, 2014

Popular Video: This Kitten is a Drama Queen

38. My Kitti Cats

My Kitti Cats live in UAE with a beautiful family who love us like their own kids specially Mom who rescued us from the streets as we were abandoned.

Subscribers: 4,980

Views: 151,673

Videos: 113

Average Views Per Video: 1,343

Joined: Jun 21, 2020

Popular Video: Foil Challenge Do Cats Walk On Foil | My Kitti Cats

39. Snoopy and Doby

We are 2 exotic shorthair persian cats doing things.

Subscribers: 4,140

Views: 843,033

Videos: 172

Average Views Per Video: 4,902

Joined: Jan 31, 2016

Popular Video: Cats vs Lobster

40. TheCats

We are a small family of Cats lovers located in Zagreb, Croatia

Subscribers: 3,630

Views: 512,493

Videos: 23

Average Views Per Video: 22,283

Joined: Dec 18, 2010

Popular Video: Bengal Cat Personality

41. The Amazing Acro-Cats

Videos from The Amazing AcroCats and The RockCats

Subscribers: 3,340

Views: 1,321,001

Videos: 137

Average Views Per Video: 9,643

Joined: Mar 4, 2008

Popular Video: Circus Cats

42. Cat Clips Daily

Your one stop shop for all your favorite, furry, funny felines!

Subscribers: 2,580

Views: 890,802

Videos: 543

Average Views Per Video: 1,641

Joined: Oct 16, 2013

Popular Video: Cat meows “Hello”

43. Oriental Cats Rexton & Bella

We are Rexton & Bella Oriental Shorthair cats

Subscribers: 2,530

Views: 648,321

Videos: 165

Average Views Per Video: 3,930

Joined: Dec 4, 2020

Popular Video: Ориентальный Кот Разговаривает | Черный Ориентал Мяукает

44. Cat Roxy Rocker Kitty

You are welcome to Roxy’s world if you love animals (especially cats), if you want to stay positive and you love to smile.

Subscribers: 2,430

Views: 302,312

Videos: 245

Average Views Per Video: 1,234

Joined: Jan 26, 2018

Popular Video: Cute Cat Roxy – rocker kitty learning about #TrueLove!!!!! + the story of her tummy 😻

45. Jericho & Thunder and Friends

This channel features videos of Jericho & Thunder the 2 Gray Cats, cat product review videos, as well as bird videos and other wildlife videos from our yard and patio.

Subscribers: 1,810

Views: 393,415

Videos: 138

Average Views Per Video: 2,851

Joined: Apr 14, 2014

Popular Video: Cat Says “I Love You” With Slow Blink – JerichoCat Says “I Love You” With Slow Blink – Jericho

46. Puko’s Porch

Follow along for the adventure of Puko “007” White. A Dutch Super Cat that has adventures Day and Night.

Subscribers: 1,740

Views: 346,494

Videos: 87

Average Views Per Video: 3,983

Joined: May 31, 2020


47. The Baron: Fat Cat

Meet the #1 Fat Cat on YouTube: The Baron. The Baron and his brother Duke were rescued from a shelter. These videos are playful snapshots of the life of being a fat cat star.

Subscribers: 1,560

Views: 887,351

Videos: 54

Average Views Per Video: 16,433

Joined: Jan 8, 2015

Popular Video: My 22lb fat cat, The Baron – compilation

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