7 Cheaper Alternatives to YouTube TV

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YouTube TV exists as one of the best streaming sites to exist. With over 85 channels, on-demand shows, live streaming, and classic cable shows, it receives a high rating from many viewers. At a price of $64.99 a month, it can be costly. But did you know there are cheaper alternatives to YouTube TV?  

The cheaper alternatives to YouTube TV are streaming sites such as Sling TV (orange and blue), Philo TV, Peacock Premium Plus, and Frndly TV. Pluto TV and Tubi TV are free options that include ads. They don’t have the same range of content as YouTube TV but are great alternatives with lower prices.  

YouTube TV is pretty unbeatable with what it offers its subscribers. Sites like Hulu and fuboTV come close, but their subscription is more costly. There are options that can better suit your pocket and interests.  

4 Cheaper Alternatives To YouTube TV  

There are four more cost-effective alternatives to YouTube. These streaming sites might not host the magnitude of options that YouTube TV offers, but you can get a pretty good range of content without burning a hole in your budget every month.   

In order from highest to lowest price, these are the YouTube TV alternatives:  

Sling TV (Either Orange Or Blue)  

Sling TV is one of the closest streaming services to YouTube TV, with over 800 channels. The site offers content from some of the most popular networks in its market. There is also Latino and other international content available.  

The app-based streaming service offers on-demand and live-streaming content. They also provide channel and premium add-ons, DVR plus, and more. Sling TV has two levels of subscriptions, Orange and Blue.   

Orange Sling TV has more than 30 channels which include ESPN, Disney, and Freeform, and many more. Orange also has 50 hours of DVR storage and thousands of movies and TV shows.  

Blue Sling TV has more than 40 channels, including NFL Network, HGTV, Bravo, and many more. Blue also has thousands of movies and TV shows for streaming with 50+ hours of DVR storage.  

Price: $40 per month each  

Sling TV (Orange And Blue Combined)  

While you can choose between the orange and blue subscriptions from Sling TV, the streaming site allows its viewers to select both levels together to enjoy the full range of content they offer. The blue and orange offer gives you a closer feel of YouTube TV at a lower price.  

Price: $55 per month combined  

Philo TV  

When you consider alternative options to YouTube TV and budget is your deciding factor, Philo TV is a fantastic option. With 70+ channels and a multitude of content, Philo TV and its customization options provide a great option at a fraction of the cost of YouTube TV.  

The streaming site offers sports channels and news and even gives you the option of add-ons. But it doesn’t stop there. Philo TV also has various popular cable networks like BBC America, BET, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, The Food Network, HGTV, MTV, Nickelodeon, and so much more.  

Price: $25 per month  

Peacock Premium Plus

Peacock is one of the most popular streaming sites in the North American region. It is available in three tiers; the basic version, Peacock premium, and Peacock Premium Plus. The premium plus version is the best option if you want content that relatively matches YouTube TV.  

Peacock Premium Plus also provides content without ads, and if you want to make it even more budget-friendly, you can choose one of the other tiers. NBC content is available on Peacock including other channels like Hallmark and many movies by Universal and other studios.  

The service offers many classic fan favorites, live broadcasting, news, and sports channels with a range of Peacock original content. You can stream over 50 live channels of NBCUniversal content on Peacock Premium Plus while paying less than a quarter of YouTube TV’s subscription.  

Price: $9.99 per month  

Frndly TV  

Frndly TV is a streaming service that focuses on keeping its content family-friendly. It is an excellent pocket-friendly option for families with kids with access to the channels. It provides many US network channels like Hallmark, Curiosity, Lifetime, A&E, MeTV, History, The Weather Channel, and more.  

The service is ideal when you want to cut cable but still want variety in content. It is a fraction of the price of YouTube TV and even offers a free trial for those who want to test it before signing up.  

Price: $6 per month  

2 Free Alternatives To YouTube TV  

If your current budget cannot handle a TV bill, and you still want to enjoy many of your favorite movies, TV shows, on-demand content, news, and sports channels, there are services you can use for free.   

One notable point about free streaming services is that they have ads. Since you don’t pay for subscriptions with them, they use ads to replace subscription fees.   

Pluto TV  

Pluto TV is for viewers who are looking for cable-style content. You can find various classic 30-minute shows with ad content. Something to appreciate with Pluto TV is that you don’t need to register and create an account, nor key in any card details.  

The service offers home, food, lifestyle, sports, gaming, crime, reality, game shows, comedy, classic TV, anime, music, news content, and more. There is also live broadcasting available.  

Tubi TV

Cheaper alternative streaming sites are wonderful options, but free sites like Tubi TV are even better if you don’t mind the ads. This on-demand video streaming app has an extensive library of content. You can watch over 40,000 television shows and movies.  

Tubi has live broadcasting from over 55 premium outlets. MGM, Lionsgate, NBC, Fox, and Paramount channels are only some of the content they offer.  

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