What College Football Can You Watch on Peacock?

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Peacock is the streaming home for NBCUniversal, and a free version is available with a limited selection of programs, but you can pay for a premium plan to unlock everything. Peacock Premium features live sports, including college football. College football’s popularity is growing, and so are its viewers. What college football is available to watch if you have a Peacock subscription?

Big Ten college Football and Notre Dame Fighting Irish are available on the Peacock streaming service. Beginning in 2023, NBC and streamer Peacock will exclusively broadcast Big Ten Saturday Night US college football thanks to an agreement reached by NBCUniversal.

Few sports parallel college football, especially when it comes to entertainment, rivalries, and excitement. A selection of college football games are televised on Peacock and more games may be added in the future.

Does Peacock Stream College Football?

The television and streaming division of NBCUniversal owns and runs Peacock, an American over-the-top video streaming service. One of the major college football broadcasters in the country is NBC Sports, and because of Peacock, its streaming service, fans can enjoy college football coverage in its best form.

Since 1991, NBC has broadcast Notre Dame football games. In addition to TV broadcasts, they also kept several websites specifically for Notre Dame football and Notre Dame Central, which offered thorough coverage, replays of the games, and analysis of the Notre Dame team. Now NBC has expanded college football coverage with the Peacock streaming service.

The home opener between Notre Dame and Toledo on September 11, 2021, was broadcast exclusively on the streaming service Peacock, thanks to a broadcasting contract with Notre Dame that was renewed in April 2013. The agreement is expected to continue through the 2025 season, allowing football enthusiasts to continue watching college football games on Peacock’s streaming service.

Division One collegiate athletic conference is the oldest Big Ten Conference in the United States. Formerly known as Division I-A, the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) is the highest level of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) competition in football, where the Big Ten Football teams compete.

The Big Ten announced a historic 7-year television rights agreement with NBC and Peacock NBC’s streaming network on August 18, 2022, to become the exclusive home of Big Ten Saturday Night Football starting in 2023. Additionally, Peacock will host eight additional Big Ten Football games exclusively each season.

Peacock currently broadcasts the Notre Dame Fighting Irish college football games. With 2022 ending and the Big Ten schedule on Peacock already in place for 2023, college football enthusiasts can prepare for an upcoming season. If you fear missing out on the opportunity to watch the best of college football, get your Peacock subscription and join thousands tuning in for college football at its best.

What Other Sports Can You Watch On Peacock? 

Sports content has been broadcast on Peacock, including live games that are either exclusively broadcast on Peacock or simulcast with NBC Sport. Most of the individual subscription services are combined into Peacock Premium, which operates under the NBC Sports Gold brand. Peacock broadcasts or carries several sporting events, including:

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are regarded as the top sporting event in the world, with more than 200 teams competing on behalf of independent nations and territories. The Olympics are typically held every four years, alternating every two years between the Summer and Winter Games. 

Peacock Premium televised all the 2022 Winter Olympics events live, and Peacock subscribers can also look forward to viewing the 2024 Olympics.

The college Olympic Games give all the excitement you would expect from the best in college sports. With the focus on college sports, Big Ten Conference decided that Peacock would have the opportunity to give their viewers a chance to watch The College Olympics. From gymnastics to athletics can be enjoyed with NBC’s streaming service peacock.

National Football League 

The American Football Conference and the National Football Conference have 32 teams competing in the National Football League, and beginning in 2023; Peacock will air one exclusive NFL game per season. 

For the nostalgic, Peacock also streams Sunday Night Football Final post-game shows that take football fans back in time to view postseason games. Other football-related content from the NFL Films collection is available on the Peacock hub.

Major League Baseball

With more than 200,000 games played in its history, baseball is the oldest professional sport in the country. Over the years, fans have accumulated cherished memories of their favorite players, teams, and moments, which they frequently reflect on with joy.

Peacock continues the custom of providing baseball fans with viewing entertainment, including the Major League Baseball Sunday Leadoff, to its schedule. Peacock Premium users will only be able to watch national lunchtime games on Sundays starting in the 2022 season.

College Basketball

The Big Ten Conference signed an agreement with Peacock streaming service that has every college basketball fan excited for 2023. Peacock subscribers can look forward to 47 men’s games, which will surely be the highlight for college basketball fans. Thirty women’s basketball games are included in the deal with Big Ten Conference and begin in the 2023–24 season.

The first games always fill fans with excitement and anticipation for the coming basketball season. If watching college basketball is your passion, the Peacock streaming service includes the men’s and women’s doubleheaders on the opening night of the Big Ten tournament.


Big Ten college football and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are currently accessible through the Peacock streaming service. A deal negotiated by NBCUniversal will have Big Ten Saturday college football exclusively televised by NBC and streamer Peacock starting in 2023. Sports like basketball, baseball, and the College Olympics are included for all sports enthusiasts to enjoy on Peacock’s streaming service.

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