14 Best Dad YouTubers of 2023

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We searched through YouTube to put together this handpicked list of the best dad YouTube channels.

These dads from around the world provide their best advice for being a father and share experiences from the ups and downs of fatherhood.

This list is ranked in order of popularity based on the highest subscriber count. Feel free to email us suggestions at contact(at)youneedchannels.com or leave a comment below.

1. Dad, how do I?

Here you will find “How To” videos by a dad who has raised 2 adults (and we still talk). I will do my best to provide useful , practical content to many basic tasks that everyone should know how to do.

Subscribers: 4,630,000

Views: 25,866,937

Videos: 234

Average Views Per Video: 110,543

Joined: Apr 1, 2020

Popular Video: How to Shave Your Face | Dad, how do I?

2. Jamie Perkins

I’m Jamie Perkins, a single father to 2 beautiful little girls ( Ava and Zoe ) and together we make Vlogs.

Subscribers: 1,730,000

Views: 42,552,628

Videos: 271

Average Views Per Video: 157,021

Joined: Jan 21, 2006


3. How to DAD

A Dad from New Zealand. I make videos about being a Dad and about New Zealand.

Subscribers: 1,350,000

Views: 180,380,214

Videos: 599

Average Views Per Video: 301,136

Joined: Jan 20, 2007

Popular Video: HOW TO TALK TO A BABY.

4. Dude Dad

Taylor Calmus is Colorado based video creator. With the help of his wife and his two best friends Berk and DJ, he makes sketches, DIY, and vlog videos all about family life.

Subscribers: 619,000

Views: 180,464,738

Videos: 868

Average Views Per Video: 207,909

Joined: Jan 4, 2012

Popular Video: Cop pulls over his own wife- HILARIOUS!!

5. OfficialDadCubed

The Old Man From Essex is Back Again!

Subscribers: 289,000

Views: 23,764,614

Videos: 964

Average Views Per Video: 24,653

Joined: Mar 3, 2013

Popular Video: Dad³ Plays… Skate 3

6. Dad Verb

We create videos and reviews for a variety of family-related products including home tech, baby products, toys and gear for dads.

Subscribers: 157,000

Views: 15,263,452

Videos: 192

Average Views Per Video: 79,498

Joined: Nov 7, 2015

Popular Video: Newborn Must Have Splurge List 2019 – Infant Car Seats, Convertibles, and more

7. Dad University

Whether you are a new dad, soon to be dad, or an experienced father, Dad University offers dad advice and tips that you don’t learn in school.

Subscribers: 80,000

Views: 3,401,856

Videos: 496

Average Views Per Video: 6,859

Joined: Jun 25, 2015

Popular Video: New Dad Tips When Bringing The Baby Home From The Hospital | Dad University

8. Fathercraft

We’re brothers-in-law who have shared the journey of fatherhood over the past 5 years.

Subscribers: 22,500

Views: 2,350,330

Videos: 85

Average Views Per Video: 27,651

Joined: Jan 17, 2018

Popular Video: Best Baby Monitors 2019 (+ 3 popular, but bad monitors)

9. The Dad

The truth is The Dad is not a person; it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that isn’t always pretty, but more hilarious than you might expect.

Subscribers: 21,700

Views: 11,879,324

Videos: 389

Average Views Per Video: 30,539

Joined: Nov 13, 2017

Popular Video: Do you suffer from PAR•ENT•ING? | The Dad

10. Life of Dad

Welcome to Life of Dad, a worldwide community of dads. And our mission is to celebrate the adventure of fatherhood!

Subscribers: 9,560

Views: 4,182,062

Videos: 242

Average Views Per Video: 17,282

Joined: Jan 25, 2010

Popular Video: Dads sing “Part of Your World” from THE LITTLE MERMAID

11. The Dad Vlog

We make content showing you how to appreciate the simple joys of life and how to identify them consistently.

Subscribers: 6,350

Views: 506,835

Videos: 482

Average Views Per Video: 1,052

Joined: Feb 2, 2014

Popular Video: 7artisans 25mm F1.8 for video. Is it worth it?

12. Dad’s Guide to Twins

Practical tips and tricks to prepare for twins, having twins, and raising twins.

Subscribers: 2,910

Views: 457,734

Videos: 123

Average Views Per Video: 3,722

Joined: Jan 14, 2013

Popular Video: 32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

13. The Fit Dad Nation

Steve Roy is a father of 2 daughters and the owner of FitDadNation.com. I’ve been helping dads get fit and stay fit since 1997.

Subscribers: 2,360

Views: 259,274

Videos: 298

Average Views Per Video: 871

Joined: Jul 1, 2013

Popular Video: 7 Awesome Things About Being A Single Dad

14. Cata X Kyle

We are Kyle, a hardworking dad giving the world to his warrior princess, and Cataleya (Cata) an adventurous girl and daddy’s world.

Subscribers: 1,380

Views: 220,720

Videos: 158

Average Views Per Video: 1,397

Joined: Apr 22, 2020

Popular Video: I SMASHED My Daddy’s PS4 and SURPRISED him with a PS5 😍 – Prank Wars

Leave a comment below or contact us at contact(at)youneedchannels.com if you would like to suggest a YouTube channel to be added to our list.

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