Does Peacock Have Naruto Shippuden?

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Naruto Shippuden follows the titular character as he puts his training to the test to defeat the evil Akatsuki organization. This sequel series to the original Naruto series has more than 500 episodes across 21 seasons – but does Peacock have Naruto Shippuden available for subscribers? 

Peacock does not currently have Naruto Shippuden included in its streaming library. Fans can watch all five seasons of the original Naruto anime series on Peacock. Hulu is currently the only United States streaming platform with dubbed episodes of Naruto Shippuden.

We’ll look at how to watch the original Naruto series on the official Peacock app, where to stream the acclaimed sequel series, and similar anime shows to check out on Peacock! 

Can You Watch Naruto Shippuden On Peacock?

Naruto Shippuden is a sequel series set two years after the last episode of the original Naruto anime series. While Peacock does not currently have the rights to air Naruto Shippuden on its streaming platform, you can watch all 220 episodes of the original Naruto series in its entirety on Peacock. Naruto is available as part of both Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions. 

Since Peacock is one of the newer streaming platforms, the anime selection is still expanding! If enough subscribers watch Naruto on Peacock, they’ll be inclined to add Naruto Shippuden to their streaming library. Until then, you can watch the original Naruto episodes on Peacock. It’s also possible to stream Naruto Shippuden on another streaming platform. 

Which Naruto Episodes Are On Peacock? 

While Naruto Shippuden is not currently available to stream on Peacock, all five seasons of the original series are available for fans to watch. Naruto is included with all premium Peacock subscriptions. You can find links to Naruto seasons on Peacock below.

How To Watch Naruto On Peacock

You can start streaming every episode of Naruto once you’ve signed up for Peacock. Subscribers can watch this anime series via the official Peacock app, which is supported by Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices. You can also access Peacock via a web browser. 

Step One: Log Into The Peacock App 

Log into the Peacock app installed on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV. You need a Premium or Premium Plus subscription to access Naruto. 

Step Two: Search “Naruto” On Peacock

Type “Naruto” in the search bar on the Peacock app. 

Step Three: Start Binging Naruto Episodes

You’re now ready to start binging all the episodes of the original Naruto series!

Step Four: Find More Anime Series To Watch

There is plenty of other great anime series to start watching on Peacock after Naruto! We’ll outline six of the best anime series to watch once we’ve discussed which streaming services have the Naruto sequel series available to stream online.

Which Streaming Services Have Naruto Shippuden?

Once you’ve caught up on the original Naruto series via Peacock, you might wonder where to stream Naruto Shippuden. Hulu is the sole streaming platform in the United States that offers Naruto Shippuden episodes dubbed in English. 

The first nine seasons of Naruto Shippuden are streaming on Hulu with English dubbing. The series is also included in the Disney Bundle subscription. 877 episodes of Naruto Shippuden are currently available to watch, with more seasons to be added. 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is another spin-off from the original Naruto series available to stream on Hulu. This spin-off centers on Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki, as he trains to become a powerful ninja like his father.  Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has one season with 433 episodes currently available to stream on Hulu.

6 Anime Series Like Naruto Shippuden You Can Watch On Peacock 

While Peacock is constantly adding new titles to its collection of anime series, here are six great anime series you can watch if you love Naruto Shippuden!

1. Death Note 

Death Note is a riveting anime series that follows a high school student who discovers a mysterious notebook that fell out of the sky. When he learns that writing people’s names in the book kills them, he starts a crusade to take out nefarious criminals. One season of 37 episodes is available to stream on Peacock

2. Hunter X Hunter 

Hunter X Hunter follows Gon Freecss as he embarks on his journey to become a hunter. Naruto Fans will enjoy watching Gon’s adventures unfold as he searches for a father he has no memories of. Six seasons with a total of 148 episodes are available to stream on Peacock

3. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure follows the Joestar family, who all possess great psychic abilities. You’ll love watching the family’s adventures as they fight supernatural foes – especially if you’re already a fan of Naruto: Shippuden! One season of 26 episodes is available to stream on Peacock.

4. One Punch Man 

Set in a universe filled with superhumans, One Punch Man follows a superhero who can destroy enemies with one punch. Fans of Naruto will love watching as the titular hero searches for meaning in a world crawling with monsters. One season of 12 episodes is available to stream on Peacock.

5. Terra Formars 

Terra Formars takes place in 2577 when crew members land on Mars. These crew members soon encounter ginormous humanoid cockroaches that have mutated. The only way to make Mars habitable for humans is to take out the criminal cockroaches. One season of 13 episodes is available to stream on Peacock

6. Vampire Knight 

Vampire Knight follows Yuki Cross as he attends Cross Academy. Yuki is tasked to act as a guardian to protect the school’s vampire population. If you loved watching Naruto harness his powers to protect others, you’ll love watching Yuki defend the vampires at Cross Academy. Two seasons with a total of 26 episodes are available to stream on Peacock


Naruto Shippuden is not currently available on Peacock’s streaming platform. The original Naruto series, which Naruto Shippuden follows, is available for fans to watch on Peacock. You can watch the sequel series on another streaming platform like Hulu once you’ve caught up on the original series through Peacock. 

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