Does Peacock Have Scrubs?

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Written By Charlie Sipe


With so many streaming services developed in recent years, finding which services have your favorite shows may be overwhelming. With the current rise in the popularity of Peacock TV, you may be curious about some of the shows it offers, and few are as popular as Scrubs.

Peacock TV does not have Scrubs on its list of shows, but you can find Scrubs on Prime Video, Hulu, Philo, or fuboTV. If you enjoy Scrubs and already have a Peacock subscription, you may also like some of the other shows Peacock has, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superstore, and Parks and Recreation.

Though you may not find Scrubs on Peacock TV’s list of available shows, there are other shows you may enjoy watching instead. In addition, if you are specifically interested in finding streaming services that allow you to watch scrubs, there are a few choices.

Where Can You Find And Watch Scrubs?

You can consider a few options if you want to watch Scrubs, some of which are streaming services, renting, or watching it on cable tv. Below are the services you can use to watch Scrubs and some information about them.

  • Amazon – If you want to use Amazon to watch Scrubs, you can gain access to all of its seasons by getting an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription. In addition, you can also buy an online copy of any of the seasons or episodes through Amazon.
  • fuboTV – If you have or get a fuboTV subscription, you can also watch some Scrubs seasons on this service. However, according to its guide, two seasons are missing from the fuboTV service at the moment, seasons 4 and 5.
  • Hulu – With a Hulu subscription, you can access all nine Scrubs seasons available on the streaming service. You can choose from both Hulu packages to watch Scrubs, and both the standard and ad-free versions give you access.
  • Philo – If you want to watch Scrubs on Philo, you must understand that you will not have access to the whole show at once. Since it is a streaming service that shows different channels, you will need to wait until an episode airs on that channel, for example, Comedy Central.

Shows Like Scrubs That Are On Peacock

Though you may not be able to watch Scrubs on Peacock, the streaming service offers a great variety of other shows you may enjoy. Though these shows aren’t necessarily in the medical field like Scrubs is, they are rated highly by Scrubs fans.

  • Brooklyn nine-nine – Brooklyn nine-nine is an award-winning comedy show based around an NYPD precinct. The show combines a mix of semi-emotional drama with outstanding comedic performances by the cast. Though the show does not take place in a hospital, it creates a similar feeling to Scrubs.
  • Superstore – Another comedic tv show with a similar feeling to that of Scrubs in Superstore. Most of the story revolves around a megastore, the employees that operate it, and their challenges and obstacles.
  • Parks and Recreation – This sitcom, starring big names like Chris Pratt, takes place in an Indiana Parks and Recreation Department and focuses on the struggles and challenges Leslie has to overcome to turn an abandoned construction site into a community park.


Though you may not be able to find Scrubs on Peacock, other sitcoms on Peacock may be able to help you get your daily dose of laughter. In addition, if you wish to watch Scrubs specifically, many different streaming services allow you to do so if you subscribe to them.

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