Does YouTube TV Have Peacock?

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Given that Peacock is renowned for having live sports, WWE, and episodes of fan favorites like Modern Family and The Office, it sure would be convenient if YouTube TV had Peacock. However, YouTube TV and Peacock are actually competitors in the streaming industry and need to be purchased separately.

Unfortunately, YouTube TV does not have Peacock. Negotiations occurred between NBCUniversal and YouTube for Peacock to be available as part of a bundle on YouTube TV. However, these negotiations were unsuccessful, and Peacock is now only available via the Peacock streaming platform.

Although YouTube TV does not have Peacock, both platforms are good streaming subscription services. Let’s explore the features of YouTube TV and Peacock to see why it’s a good idea to subscribe to both platforms.

YouTube And NBCUniversal Negotiations For Peacock Streaming

In 2021, YouTube TV and NBCUniversal began negotiating for a YouTube TV/Peacock bundle. During the negotiations, blackouts of NBC channels occurred on the YouTube platform, leaving viewers concerned about the reliability of YouTube providing NBCUniversal channels as a YouTube TV service.

Fortunately, YouTube and NBCUniversal managed to come to an agreement whereby a new multiyear contract was concluded that ensures that subscribers will not lose access to the NBCUniversal channels that exist on YouTube TV, and the price of the subscription to YouTube TV will remain $64.99.

However, in terms of the new agreement, YouTube TV is not required to bundle NBC’s Peacock service and will remain a separate service provided by NBCUniversal.

Subscription On Peacock

NBC’s Peacock has a premium plan and an ad-free premium plan. The premium plan provides access to all the content on Peacock with ads, and the ad-free premium option gives you access to all the content without ads. 

Subscribing to Peacock Premium will cost you $4.99, while subscribing to the ad-free version of Peacock Premium will cost you $9.99 monthly. Additionally, there is a 7-day free trial for new users to try Peacock. During the free trial, users will have full access to all the content available on the premium plan to get a good taste of what Peacock has to offer.

When signing up to use the Peacock free trial, you will need to include your payment details. Therefore, it is crucial that you make sure to end your subscription before the trial ends, or you will automatically be charged the subscription fee.

Subscription On YouTube TV

When subscribing to YouTube TV, the only monthly option is to pay $64.99 per month to access all the channels available. Unlike Peacock, there are not different price plans but a fixed price for the channels. However, you are likely to see ads still when watching video-on-demand and live TV.

Peacock Channels That Make It Worthwhile To Subscribe

Peacock has over 50 channels, providing a reasonable amount of variety for subscribers. Here are a few popular Peacock channels you’ll have access to if you subscribe to the premium package.

NBC News Now Is Available On Peacock

Subscribing to Peacock is a must if you want to stay updated with the latest news. Peacock has NBC News Now, which reports live breaking news and shares updates as stories develop in real-time.

The Hallmark Channel Is Available On Peacock

In the Peacock streaming library, you’ll find popular series and movies from the Hallmark channel and you can also stream the live version of the Hallmark Channel.

WWE Network Is Available On Peacock

For the love of fighting, World Wrestling Entertainment Network is available on Peacock. Watch your favorite wrestlers battle it out during live events, in-ring shows, and all-time classic favorites from the WWE Vault.

YouTube TV Channels That Make It Worthwhile To Subscribe

YouTube TV boasts over 85 different channels, giving Peacock a run for its money as it has fewer options, with just over 50 channels. Here are a few channels YouTube TV allows you to enjoy when you subscribe. Although you won’t be able to watch Peacock on YouTube TV, these channels might still make it worthwhile for you to subscribe to YouTube TV.

FOX Is Available On YouTube TV

FOX is best known for its live news products and for creating world-renowned movies. From Master Chef to The Simpsons, FOX will keep you entertained for hours. 

ESPN Is Available On YouTube TV

YouTube TV gives you access to ESPN, best known as a sports network. If you’re a sports fanatic looking for live sports matches, instant sports news coverage, and prompt scores to your favorite game, then having ESPN is a must.

CNN Is Available On YouTube TV

CNN, the Cable News Network, is purely a news channel that provides 24-hour news coverage of the latest happenings worldwide. If you love to keep up with world news, having access to CNN via YouTube TV will be music to your ears.

Comedy Central Is Available On YouTube TV

Having the opportunity to laugh at any time of day is a service that YouTube TV provides through its Comedy Central channel. With YouTube TV, you’ll be able to tune into CC’s roasts and stand-up comedies, watch your favorite sitcoms and enjoy hilarious shows like South Park.

How To Use Peacock and YouTube TV

You can watch Peacock by downloading the Peacock TV app and opening it on Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. As for YouTube, open the YouTube app or web browser and enjoy your favorite movies and shows in seconds.

Popular Movies And Shows On YouTube TV

With over 85 channels, it is no surprise that YouTube TV has some of the latest movies. Movies available on YouTube TV include Avatar, Black Panther, and Batman.

Popular Movies And Shows On Peacock

When it comes to movies, Peacock has got many fan favorites, including Minions, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Fast and the Furious. In terms of series, Peacock boasts the Office, Law and Order, and the classic comedy, Modern Family.


Unfortunately, YouTube does not have Peacock, so you will need to purchase Peacock separately. However, you still have access to NBC and NBC News on YouTube. Despite not having Peacock, YouTube TV has channels like ESPN, FOX, ABC, and Comedy Central, which may make it worthwhile to subscribe to YouTube TV.

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