Which Golf Tournaments Can You Stream On Peacock?

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Since its launch in 2020, Peacock, the streaming service of NBCUniversal, has grown in popularity and has constantly worked at bettering itself and the shows and events it has to offer the public. One of these focus points of expansion is sports, including golf. With that in mind, and considering GolfPass+ now comes with a subscription, which tournaments can you watch on this streaming service?

With the Premium package, Peacock allows you to watch the CJ Cup golf tournament, the Hero World Challenge, QBE Shootout, and PNC Championships. You also gain access to watch the ladies’ tournaments, including the BMW Championships, Pelican Championship, and CME Group Tour.

Though Peacock is working on adding more and more live sporting events to its calendar and schedule for the coming years, not all of the tournaments are available on Peacock just yet. For this reason, it is best to know what you can and cannot watch on Peacock if you are a golfing fanatic and want to know if getting a Peacock subscription is worth the money.

Which Golf Tournaments Will Show On Peacock?

Though there is little way of telling just how much Peacock, the streaming service, will show or change in the coming years, the easiest way to tell whether a tournament will show this service is by looking at the broadcasting rights. Since NBCUniversal owns Peacock, it is likely to be available on Peacock when NBC owns the right to broadcast a specific tournament.

Following this trail is likely the easiest way to know if a live tournament will be available on Peacock since the service may change, and the broadcasting rights may move ownership in the future. Using this logic will also allow you to guess whether or not a specific event will be available on Peacock before the schedule or broadcasting list is made public.

For example, when there are no more upcoming golfing tournaments in a year, it can be hard to find the available streaming options for the following year.  

All Men’s Golfing Tournaments Available On Peacock

There are a few specific tournaments Peacock states it will host on the streaming service; they include the following:

  • THE PLAYERS Championship
  • The PGA Tour
  • The US Open
  • The CJ Cup
  • The Hero World Challenge
  • The QBE Shootout
  • And The PNC Championship

However, the British Open, also known as The Open Championship, will also likely appear on the Peacock streaming service since the broadcasting rights are reserved with NBC, the owner of the Peacock service.

NBC also owns the rights to broadcast the Ryder Cup golf tournament, a showoff between the USA and Europe involving a team competition likely to include some of the world’s best golfers. Likely, the Ryder Cup competition will also have some live broadcast times on the Peacock streaming service, but it has not yet gotten set in stone.

All Women’s Golfing Tournaments Available On Peacock

There are also several women’s golf tournaments and live events that Peacock will show, which means you may be able to stream them live. The following tournaments and competitions get included in the list:

  • The Ascendant LPGA benefiting Volunteers of America Tournament
  • The BMW Ladies Championship
  • The Pelican Women’s Championship
  • And the CME Group Tour Championship

In addition to these tournaments or competitions, there are others that NBC and Peacock advertise as being viewable through the Peacock streaming service, which includes the LPGA Tour season, which seems to get full coverage on the NBC-owned streaming service.

US Women’s Open is another tournament available through the Peacock streaming service. Due to the broadcasting rights, other tournaments and competitions that may be available on the streaming service include The AIG Women’s Open, KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, and The Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions.

However, there is a chance that these may only be available on other NBC-owned platforms.

Is Peacock Good For Watching Golf Live?

The NBC-owned streaming service, Peacock, is a brilliant way to watch golf and keep up with the tournaments that are currently active. However, not all tournaments may be available through Peacock or any other NBC-owned platform since they may not have the rights to broadcast all of the tournaments or competitions played yearly.

However, with this in mind, since NBC has the right to broadcast most of the biggest golfing tournaments and competitions, both for male and female competitors, this does give you a wide variety of live events you will be able to follow via this streaming service.

In addition to the before-mentioned aspects, there is also the chance that if you are a big enough fan of golf and have the GolfPass+ subscription or greater, you may have the benefit of using Peacock for free. This benefit is due to a recent deal that allows you to use your GolfPass membership to claim temporary free access to the Peacock streaming service included with your GolfPass+ subscription.

Furthermore, Peacock also allows you to watch other golf-related shows like news, analytics, documentaries, and instructional series to help you better your game. Some of these features may also get included in the GolfPass+ or higher. Peacock seems to be trying to become the “one-stop-shop” for all your potential golfing wants and needs.

Does Peacock Have The GOLF Channel?

Since Hulu has access to the GOLF Channel, you can view a wide variety of golfing events live, and you will have plenty of golf-related shows and information without the name of the GOLF Channel on Peacock. 

However, with the addition of the GolfPass channel on Peacock, it seems that the NBC-owned streaming service is trying to become even better and more advanced than the GOLF channel is. Adding the GolfPass channel on Peacock allows you access to the key features of three different services all through the GolfPass+ subscription.

These key features include the news, analytics, and much of the GOLF channel content you would usually access via the GOLF channel. However, it also comes with some informational and semi-educational content you can usually access from the GolfPass subscription. All of these aspects, along with the live events broadcasted via Peacock, makes it an excellent service for golf enthusiasts.


You can watch many different tournaments on Peacock, including some of the biggest golf tournaments in the world, like the US Open, The Open Championships, and THE PLAYERS championship. In addition to these live events, you can view the biggest women’s tournaments using Peacock, including the BMW Ladies Championship, the Pelican Women’s Championship, and many others.

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