How to Delete Continue Watching on Disney Plus (3 Workarounds)

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The Continue Watching list on Disney Plus comes in handy for picking up shows and movies where you left off. However, sometimes you just don’t want to watch the rest, and being reminded of your unfinished shows can be quite annoying. Or you don’t want other people on your account to see what you have been watching.

Disney Plus doesn’t currently have an easy way to remove a show or movie from Continue Watching (in the app or web browser). You will have to use workarounds such as fast-forwarding to the end, playing shows in the background, or creating a secondary profile.

To remove the clutter, we’ll go over some methods to conveniently remove shows and movies from your Continue Watching list.

We’ll explore:

  • Whether it’s possible to delete items from Continue Watching
  • Different methods for deleting titles on Disney Plus’ Continue Watching section.

Let’s dive right in!

Can You Delete Continue Watching on Disney Plus?

No, there is currently no way to manually delete shows or movies from Continue Watching. To remove a title, you will need to use a workaround discussed below.

How to Delete Continue Watching on Disney Plus (3 Workarounds)

We’ll explore how these alternative methods work.

Fast Forward

The quickest way to remove an entry from your Continue Watching list is to skip through it with fast forward. 

This will require some manual effort, but it’s one of the easiest and least time-consuming methods to do.

  1. Go to the show or movie you want to remove
  1. If it’s a show, make sure to click the last episode of a season
  1. Click a position on the progress bar close to the end of the video
  1. Use the fast-forward buttons or shortcuts, such as the right arrow key on a web browser, to skip ahead
  1. If it’s a movie, you can simply skip to the end. If it’s a show, skip until there are only a few seconds left and wait for the video to finish. Make sure it doesn’t autoplay.

Play Your Shows in the Background

Playing your shows in the background is slower than fast-forwarding, but requires less attention and manual action on your part. The advantage of this method is that you can leave the video playing while you do something else. 

  1. Click the show or movie from your Continue Watching list
  1. If it’s a show, go to the show’s page to click a season’s last episode
  1. Mute the show or movie and let it play out until the end.

Be careful when using this method on a show with multiple seasons. You’ll need to check back on it in time to keep the last episode from auto-playing into the next season.

Optionally, you can install a browser extension to enable Picture in Picture mode for Disney Plus if the feature isn’t available on your device. Try searching for one in your browser’s extension store, such as this one available on the Chrome Webstore.

Click the Picture in Picture button to create a mini video player on your screen. This will make it more convenient to keep using your computer while waiting for the show or movie to finish.

Create a Secondary Profile

Disney Plus allows you to create up to seven profiles. This allows family members to have their own watching histories and personalized recommendations.

You can also make a secondary profile for yourself. Since Continue Watching lists are separate between profiles, the shows you watch on a secondary profile won’t appear in your main profile’s Continue Watching list.

Creating a secondary profile doesn’t delete your main profile’s Continue Watching list, but it can help prevent unwanted items. It also allows you to keep your recommendations relevant.

Here’s how to make a new profile: 

  1. Click your profile. This is at a web browser’s top right, a mobile device’s bottom right, or in a TV device’s navigation bar. You’ll also hear this referred to as “My Space”
  1. Click “Add Profile
  1. Enter the information you’re asked for, such as the character icon, profile name, and content rating
  1. Click “Save”.

When you want to try out new shows, or a movie’s first few minutes, use your secondary profile to browse. To switch profiles,

  1. Click “My Space
  1. Tap your secondary profile from the list
  1. Browse shows and movies normally and feel free to try out their first few minutes or episodes
  1. If you find something you want to finish, switch back to your main profile and search for it again.

To streamline this process, have one device or browser switched to your main profile and another to your secondary profile. You can try new shows on a device or browser you don’t use often and watch the shows you like on your main one. 

On the other hand, you may even start using a new profile as your main profile. As your watch history will be blank, so will your Continue Watching list. 

The Bottom Line

Disney Plus’ Continue Watching feature is a convenient tool that helps you find your way back to a show or movie you’re engrossed in. However, if you’re no longer interested, these titles can quickly clutter your Continue Watching list.

Disney Plus doesn’t yet have a feature to remove titles from Continue Watching, however, you still have the option of deleting entries by fast-forwarding them, playing them in the background, or making a secondary profile. This way, you get to enjoy your streaming experience exactly how you like it.

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