How To Delete ‘Continue Watching’ On Peacock

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Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney have become one of the most popular platforms for users to consume content. So it should be no surprise that there are more services to pick from than ever, including the ‘new kid on the block’ Peacock. However, with so many shows and movies hosted by the platform, your ‘continue watching’ list can quickly become overcrowded. 

There is no specific feature on Peacock to delete your ‘continue watching’ queue. But users have found a simple workaround that may be a short-term solution. To remove something from your list, you will need to click on the movie or series you want to delete and fast-forward to the end of it. 

If you love trying out new movies and series, you may have a ‘continue watching’ list that’s longer than you know what to do with. If you share an account with family or friends, you may not want them to know what you are watching. And you’re not alone. Many Peacock users are left wondering if you can remove or delete movies and series from this list and how to do it. Luckily, this article will give you everything you need to know to clean up your streaming platform’s home page. 

Can You Delete ‘Continue Watching’ On Peacock?

Users are spoiled for choice with so many amazing streaming platforms for you to choose from. And one of the up-and-coming platforms is Peacock. 

Because streaming platforms are so widely used, certain features and services have become standard with many of them. One of these features is the ‘continue watching’ queue. This queue allows users to resume their movie or series from the point where they stopped watching, as well as watch new episodes of the series as they come out. 

While this service is fantastic for keeping tabs on what users are watching, users aren’t always interested in continuing where they left off. In fact, with so many movies and series to choose from, many users will try something new. And although this may result in finding your new favorite show to binge-watch, you may not like every series you try. 

Whether you want to declutter your queue or stop watching a movie or series altogether, you may be searching for a way to remove shows from your ‘continue watching’ list. Unfortunately, while this is a standard feature on other streaming platforms, it is not included in Peacock’s service. 

However, some users have found a simple workaround for this problem. 

How To Remove ‘Continue Watching’ On Peacock 

Currently, the only way to remove something from your ‘continue watching’ queue is to click on the series or movie and fast-forward to the end. By using your remote control or dragging the bar at the bottom of your mobile device, you can skip to the end of the show.

When you skip to the end, Peacock registers the show as completed. And when you have finished watching a show, it will remove it from your queue. This is the only way to delete something from your queue, but there is a catch. 

If you’re trying to remove a series from your list, you can fast-forward to the end of the last episode of the series. But if the series is still being released (with new episodes being released every week, for instance), it may not be deleted from your list. Or, it may pop up on your list when a new episode is released.

Because Peacock is still a relatively new streaming service, the ‘delete from continue watching’ feature may be added in future platform updates. But until then, this is the only way to efficiently clean up your queue. 

Netflix and other streaming services already have a feature to delete content from ‘continue watching’ so Peacock may also add this feature for users in the future.


Unlike other streaming services, Peacock doesn’t currently have a dedicated feature to help users remove shows or movies from their ‘continue watching’ list. However, you can use the skip or fast-forward feature as a workaround until the service updates its features. 

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