Can You Watch Friends on Peacock? How to Watch

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Whether your favorite line is “Joey doesn’t share food!” or Monica’s “I know!”, as a fan of friends, you probably always turn back to the show to rewatch scenes or the entire series. The easiest way to enjoy the sitcom is on one of the streaming services, such as Peacock. But is Friends available to watch on Peacock? 

The sitcom Friends is currently not available to stream on Peacock. The show initially aired on NBC, the parent company of Peacock, but Warner Bros. owns Friends and has exclusive rights over where it airs. You can catch the show on Netflix, HBO Max, fuboTV, and Prime Video in the US. 

You might be unable to watch the acclaimed Friends sitcom on Peacock, but we can check where it is available for streaming and what other shows like Friends Peacock offers. 

Does Peacock Stream Friends? 

Most fans of the sitcom Friends tend to always have the show in play. Whether you forward to specific scenes or always rewatch the series – even just an episode every few days, it keeps things lighthearted yet heartwarming. It never ceases to bring viewers entertainment and laughter. But if your primary streaming subscription is Peacock, Friends won’t be available for you to watch. 

It might be an obvious assumption that Peacock hosts the show since it is NBCUniversal’s streaming service. If NBC initially broadcasted Friends, it should be available for Peacock subscribers. That, however, is not the case, and you will not be able to stream the 90’s comedy. 

Why Is Friends Not Available On Peacock? 

The first question every Friends fan has after finding out Peacock does not stream the show is: how is that possible? It doesn’t make sense for a show that first aired on NBC to not be available on an NBC-owned streaming service. But it is a fact and here is why: 

NBC aired Friends on its network before streaming was available 

Before streaming services were born, producers aired their shows on TV network channels – cable TV. The understanding is that simply because a show (like Friends) aired on the NBC network, it doesn’t mean NBC created or owns those shows. Friends is not owned by NBCUniversal Media. 

WarnerMedia owns Friends 

Warner Bros. TV is the producer of the comedy sitcom. WarnerMedia is, therefore, the owner of Friends. WarnerMedia has rights over the show and must sign off where it can be aired. They also have their own streaming service called HBO Max. 

Streaming services have high competition 

The high competition between streaming services is why some streaming sites air specific shows and others don’t. Friends is a highly acclaimed and long-running fan favorite. It is a given that the larger streaming services will get preference and pay for the rights knowing that current viewers will appreciate the addition to their subscription site. 

Another noteworthy fact is that Peacock is a newer streaming service and needs to build up to the reputation it can hold. While HBO Max is only two months older than Peacock, it does have the advantage of being owned by WarnerMedia, the creator of Friends.  

Which Streaming Site Can You Watch Friends? 

While Peacock does not air Friends, you can watch the 90’s comedy sitcom on other streaming services. Most people have two or more subscriptions to access all types of content. If you are looking for a site in addition to your Peacock subscription – specifically one that airs Friends, have a look at the following options: 


Netflix is one of the oldest streaming services and the first with a success story. It often seems like not one household exists without a Netflix subscription service and many viewers have their favorite content on Netflix. The service is perfect for user comfort and offers a variety of options, including Friends. 

All ten seasons, with every episode per season, are readily available on Netflix. In addition, Netflix will recommend similar shows and genres of content for your convenience. The difference in content between Peacock and Netflix is vast; therefore an ideal option to have both. 

HBO Max 

HBO Max is one of the newer streaming services, like Peacock. It is owned by WarnerMedia and airs all the favorites and originals from HBO TV. The high profile shows like Big Bang Theory, Rick and Morty, and Friends are available on HBO Max, making it an easy choice for people considering the subscription.  

If you are looking for a smaller subscription service, HBO Max works because it has less (around half) the hours of content than Peacock. You can enjoy your favorite sitcom, Friends, and other popular content series like Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones from HBO while keeping your Peacock subscription for your favorites there. 


When looking for a streaming service in addition to Peacock to enjoy Friends, fuboTV is a fantastic option if you want live TV – especially sports. FuboTV even offers a free one-week trial to familiarize yourself with the service and determine if you like it. There are different packages for FuboTV, so you can pay the minimum option under which Friends is available. 

Prime Video (US) 

In the United States, you can watch Friends on Prime Video by buying individual episodes for $1.99 or a full season for $19.99. This is a good option if you prefer to buy access to content without having to pay a monthly subscription.

Prime Video has a growing library of quality content, from Prime originals and old classics to new releases. They also have the option of downloading content for offline viewing. 

While you won’t be able to watch Friends on Prime video if you are out of the United States, US residents can enjoy the comedy sitcom as an easily accessible, affordable, and fun option. 

Shows Like Friends On Peacock 

Since Friends is not available on Peacock, but you don’t want to cancel, add, or get a new subscription, why not find other similar shows to enjoy on the streaming site? Here are some options: 

  • The Office 
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine 
  • Modern Family 
  • Everybody Loves Raymond 
  • Parks and Recreation 
  • Two and a Half Men 


Peacock does not currently air the 90’s comedy sitcom and famous fan-favorite Friends. Similar series are available on Peacock and you can watch Friends on other streaming services like Netflix or HBO Max. 

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