Is Philo Worth it for $25? 7 Things to Know

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Many streaming services boast massive content libraries, but if you just like simple, affordable entertainment without any hidden costs, Philo might just offer you more for less.

Founded in 2010, this lesser-known streaming service is starting to turn itself into a household name. But is it worth it for you?

In this article, we’ll explore Philo and discuss:

  • The Philo platform and its entertainment offerings
  • Philo’s features, pricing, and free trial
  • Philo’s pros and cons, and whether it’s worth its price.

Let’s dive right in!

What Is Philo?

What once was a simply dorm-room experiment is now an American-based streaming service! 

Philo touts itself as “live TV’s best deal” for providing access to over 70 entertainment-based live and on-demand shows for a lower price than cable plans.

The service allows users to create up to 10 viewing profiles and stream content on three different devices. 

It has a monthly subscription and enjoys a no-contract experience, allowing you to cancel anytime.

What Can You Watch on Philo? (70+ Live Channels)

No Local News, Live Sports, or Key Channels

One thing Philo prides itself on is offering value, so to keep prices low and their entertainment-loving consumers happy, you won’t find any local news channels like Fox or ABC on the platform. 

And if catching the next game is on your to-do list, Philo can’t help you with that, either; major sports channels like ESPN and FS1 aren’t part of Philo’s catalog.

However, if you love Comedy Central, TLC, Food Network, and the History Channel — you’re in luck, because Philo has them all!

Live and On-Demand Shows and Movies

Philo has an extensive list of on-demand TV shows, documentaries, and movies. 

And since the platform is partners with Sundance TV and AMC, you’ll get VIP access to some of the hottest releases around without the hefty price tag.

Channel Add-Ons

Arguably one of its most attractive sell points, Philo gives you the option of adding more channels depending on your budget and preference. Some currently on offer are:

  • STARZ. If you feel like binge-watching Outlander or sitting down with a blockbuster, you can easily add STARZ to your subscription for just $9 a month
  • MGM+. Getting your hands on some of the classics will set you back by a further $6 a month, but it’ll give you access to an entire library of movies in return
  • Movies & More. For a mere $3, you can enjoy some of the best award-winning films and cult classics.

Features and Specs of Philo

Cloud DVR

With Philo’s Cloud DVR, subscribers can record their favorite TV shows and movies to watch later — all with just one click. And the best part? You can keep them saved for up to 12 months!

Multiple Streams

While some providers make you pay to use more than one streaming device, Philo gives their subscribers the ability of using up to three different devices at no extra cost. 

Compatible Devices

You can stream Philo services on most modern devices including Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Philo is also available for streaming on web browsers.

Unfortunately, Philo isn’t compatible with most gaming devices such as the Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation. 

For a full detailed list to see if your device is compatible, take a look here

Video and Audio Quality

Philo streams video in high-definition, 720p for live services, while on-demand comes in at a competitive 1080p. Audio, on the other hand, is streamed in a basic, 2.0 stereo quality. 

Note that the video and audio quality are automatically adjusted based on your available bandwidth. 

This guarantees you’ll always have the best sound and picture regardless of your location or streaming device.

Philo Free Trial

If you’re looking to try before you buy, Philo currently offers a seven-day, no questions asked free trial to those residing in the US. 

The best part is that if you decide Philo isn’t right for you, you can cancel at any time! Cancelation is extremely straightforward — true to Philo’s philosophy of a no-contract service.

Philo Free Trial vs Others

Not only does Philo’s seven-day free trial allows unlimited access to live TV and on-demand, binge-worthy content, but you can also try the add-ons with their own free trial too. 

This gives you the chance to explore even more of Philo without paying a cent.

And even if you’re already a subscriber, you can still enjoy the free trials for each of the add-ons (as long as you’ve never signed up for them before).

This puts Philo in a very competitive position compared to both Apple TV and AMC, which both provide a basic week-long trial. Philo is also way ahead of streaming giant Netflix, which doesn’t offer any kind of free trial at all.

Philo Pricing ($25/month)

Unlike other streaming services that offer different levels of pricing, Philo charges a no-frills, fixed charge of $25 a month. There are no plans to sort through and no unexpected costs!

As mentioned, you’ll also have the option of adding extra channels. Currently, if you subscribe to all of Philo’s current add-ons, you’re looking at a monthly charge of $43.

Pros and Cons of Philo 


  • Fixed low monthly cost 
  • A great selection of entertainment and lifestyle channels
  • No-questions-asked, seven-day free trial 
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR storage.


  • No local or national sports channels 
  • Limited news broadcasting channels 
  • Cartoon Network and other children’s channels aren’t part of the catalog.

The Verdict: Is Philo Worth It for $25? 

While a number of other streaming services can boast a more extensive library of channels, Philo still offers the basics (and more) at a very competitive price to match. 

For its cost and offerings, Philo can outmatch other cable subscription services – making it a solid option for the right people.

If you’re an entertainment junkie who loves nothing more than watching some of your favorite HGTV shows, Philo is definitely a service you should consider.

 However, if you’re more interested in live sports and watching current affairs, then Philo may not be the best option for your needs.

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