Is WWE Fastlane on Peacock? How to Watch

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WWE Fastlane was introduced to Peacock streaming service in 2021. Viewers who want to watch and rewatch the show can stream past WWE Fastlane events on Peacock. 

WWE Fastlane is available to watch on Peacock as replays with a premium plan subscription. Viewers can stream all six seasons’ replays from 2015 to 2021. Peacock also offers other WWE content, such as WrestleMania, Friday Night SmackDown, and Monday Night Raw. 

Peacock is a great streaming service to sign up for if you want to watch all WWE content like Fastlane. It is convenient and more affordable, and you will have all your favorite wrestling events at your fingertips.

Can You Watch WWE Fastlane On Peacock? 

If you want to watch WWE Fastlane on Peacock, you will be thrilled to know that it is available for streaming on the site. Peacock airs six seasons of WWE Fastlane for wrestling fans to replay. Peacock has three subscription options; the free version, the premium plan, and the premium plus. To watch WWE Fastlane, you must subscribe to the premium plan. 

Why Is WWE Fastlane On Peacock Instead Of WWE Network? 

WWE content, including Fastlane, originally aired on the WWE Network. But WWE Network shut down DSTV and announced a partnership with NBCUniversal. Peacock is NBCUniversal’s streaming service; therefore, all the WWE content was made available on the streaming site. 

That means if you want to still want to watch your favorite wrestling matches, you can get a Peacock subscription, but you will have to upgrade from the free version to the premium plan for $4.99 a month. 

Which WWE Fastlane Episodes Are Available On Peacock? 

Feeling nostalgic, or have you missed some of the previous WWE Fastlane matches? No need to worry. Peacock streams six replays of WWE Fastlane, which is all six seasons that were made. Each season includes one episode since there was one event each year for the period WWE Fastlane was broadcast. 

Here is how they are available to watch on Peacock (duration and wrestlers included): 

WWE Fastlane Season 1 

  • February 2015 
  • 2h54m 
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns, Rusev vs. John Cena, Bad News Barrett battles Dean Ambrose and Triple H in a face-to-face confrontation with Sting. 
  • TV-PG 

WWE Fastlane Season 2 

  • February 2016 
  • 2h47m 
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns in a triple threat match. AJ Styles versus Chris Jericho, and Charlotte versus Brie Bella. 
  • TV-PG 

WWE Fastlane Season 3 

  • March 2017 
  • 3h3m 
  • Kevin Owens (c) vs. Goldberg, Roman Reigns battles Braun Strowman, Bayley defends Raw Women’s Title against Charlotte 
  • TV-PG 

WWE Fastlane Season 4 

  • March 2018 
  • 2h51m 
  • AJ Styles (c) vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn in a six-pack challenge. Randy Orton versus Bobby Roode, and Charlotte Flair wins against Ruby Riott. 
  • TV-PG 

WWE Fastlane Season 5 

  • March 2019 
  • 3h37m 
  • The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roan Reigns) vs. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre in a six-man tag team match. Becky Lynch versus Charlotte Flair, and Daniel Bryan versus Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali. 
  • TV-PG 

WWE Fastlane Season 6 

  • March 2021 
  • 2h42m 
  • Roman Reigns (c) vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Universal Championship with Edge as the special guest enforcer. Drew McIntyre versus Sheamus, Seth Rollins versus Shinsuke Nakamura, Big E versus Apollo Crews, and Alexa Bliss versus Randy Orton. 
  • TV-PG 

Will Peacock Stream New WWE Fastlane Episodes? 

Even though Peacock is the primary site for streaming WWE content, there will be no new episodes or seasons of Fastlane matches unless the producers and the network decide to bring it back. WWE Fastlane began in 2015, which was the first season. 

From 2016 to 2019, WWE Fastlane was done annually and aired on the WWE Network by PPV (Pay Per View). It was then stopped in 2020. In 2021 Fastlane was brought back for its first and final wrestling match on Peacock, after which they decided to discontinue it. 

Since it has been discontinued, Peacock can only stream the replays of already aired seasons, and since NBCUniversal has bought the rights for Peacock to stream the content, it should be available on Peacock in the future. 

Other Sites You Can Watch WWE Fastlane 

Currently, the only way to watch WWE Fastlane is on NBC’s streaming site, Peacock. All the WWE content from the network, including pay-per-view events, is available to stream on the premium plan on Peacock. 

Some countries still have access to WWE networks on specific cable TV systems suited for those regions, including DSTV. North American countries have access to Peacock and must subscribe to the streaming site to access WWE Fastlane and other WWE content. 

More WWE Content To Watch On Peacock 

WWE Fastlane is available on Peacock, but it might not be the only event you want to watch. If you are a fan of the wrestling TV world, you will likely want to watch more WWE content, especially if you subscribe to Peacock premium just for that. The great thing is that you can access your favorite wrestling events on the site. 

Here is more WWE content to stream on Peacock: 

WWE SmackDown 

The professional wrestling tournament called WWE Friday Night SmackDown was established in 1999 and is a fan favorite. The world’s best wrestlers battle lives for the coveted title. 

WWE Raw 

Monday Night Raw, established in 1993, has been WWE’s flagship show. It is a brand of the wrestling world from WWE. Professional wrestlers battle each other weekly to win a match. 

WWE WrestleMania 

WrestleMania is one of the PPV professional wrestling competition events by WWE that is live-streamed annually between March and April. 

Survivor Series 

The WWE Survivor Series is another professional PPV live-streaming event created for wrestlers from Raw and SmackDown. 


SummerSlam is yet another PPV live-streaming event by WWE, the world’s largest professional wrestling promotion. It started in 1988 and happened annually. It is WWE’s second-largest event of the year after WrestleMania. 

Royal Rumble 

Royal Rumble is WWE’s (previously WWF’s) PPV live-streamed title matches, with various other competitions. It is based on the classic battle Royal match, where traditionally, 30 wrestlers aim to eliminate their competitors. They must toss their opponents over the rope with both feet touching the ground to win. 

Crown Jewel 

The Crown Jewel is WWE’s main recurring event. It takes place in Saudi Arabia and is part of a 10-year partnership supporting Saudi vision 2030. The first took place in 2018. 


WWE Fastlane is on Peacock, and you can stream the replays of all six seasons of the wrestling event with a premium plan subscription. WWE Fastlane is currently only available to stream on Peacock, along with WWE Network’s other content. 

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