13 Best K-Drama YouTube Channels of 2023

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We searched through YouTube to put together this hand-picked list of the best Korean Drama YouTube channels.

These K-Drama channels provide reviews of the top K-Drama shows, actor news, and recommendations for the best shows to watch.

This list is ranked in order of popularity based on the highest subscriber count. Feel free to email us suggestions at contact(at)youneedchannels.com or leave a comment below.


Watch shows the same day they air in Korea and dig into the best library of K-Dramas, rom coms, reality, and K-Pop series.

Subscribers: 6,940,000

Views: 5,055,404,346

Videos: 16,199

Average Views Per Video: 312,082

Joined: Jul 7, 2017

Popular Video: BTS’s Christmas Carol Medley [2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon_Music Festival]

2. MBCdrama

Welcome to the official YouTube page of MBC, MBC drama

Subscribers: 4,980,000

Views: 5,890,652,510

Videos: 61,201

Average Views Per Video: 96,251

Joined: Mar 1, 2009

Popular Video: [HOT] 기황후 34회 – 목욕하는 하지원, 지창욱과 합궁 전 뜨거운 키스! 20140303

3. Asian Crush

AsianCrush is North America’s leading streaming entertainment service dedicated to Asian cinema, TV & web content.

Subscribers: 3,420,000

Views: 1,209,911,561

Videos: 2,017

Average Views Per Video: 599,857

Joined: Jun 21, 2010

Popular Video: “Forgive me, Your Majesty, for I must lay hands on your person.” | Park Shin-hye | The Royal Tailor

4. MyDramaList

This is the official MyDramaList.com YouTube channel.

Subscribers: 468,000

Views: 126,708,470

Videos: 286

Average Views Per Video: 443,037

Joined: Aug 13, 2019

Popular Video: 15 BEST School Korean Dramas That’ll Give You A Rollercoaster Of Feelings [ft HappySqueak]

5. iQIYI K-Drama

YouTube channel focused on Korean drama on the iQIYI streaming service

Subscribers: 421,000

Views: 244,362,242

Videos: 2,384

Average Views Per Video: 102,501

Joined: May 17, 2021

Popular Video: What would a jealous boyfriend do? Freezes his class! | My Roommate is a Gumiho EP11 | iQiyi K-Drama

6. Dramaholic

Subscribers: 332,000

Views: 86,335,576

Videos: 148

Average Views Per Video: 583,349

Joined: Jun 23, 2017

Popular Video: K-dramas: Then VS Now


Subscribers: 139,000

Views: 89,614,270

Videos: 464

Average Views Per Video: 193,135

Joined: Sep 9, 2019

Popular Video: The Untold Truth About The Cast Of Single’s Inferno On Netflix

8. Top List KDrama

Our channel is dedicated to producing unique, informative, and high quality Korean Drama & Korean charts for the whole world to see.

Subscribers: 74,000

Views: 11,097,319

Videos: 361

Average Views Per Video: 30,741

Joined: Jun 23, 2020

Popular Video: 10 Best Korean Dramas That Achieved the Highest Ratings of the Time

9. Korean Drama Fanatics

Korean Drama Fanatics continue updates about Upcoming Kdramas, K-Actos, Trivias and many more.

Subscribers: 36,800

Views: 2,232,289

Videos: 94

Average Views Per Video: 23,748

Joined: Jul 28, 2016

Popular Video: Singer-Actor LEE JI-HAN & KIA Cheerleader KIM YUNA also Died in the ITAEWON CROWD SURGE DISASTER

10. Bbali Drama

Subscribers: 35,900

Views: 26,080,956

Videos: 284

Average Views Per Video: 91,835

Joined: Mar 24, 2021

Popular Video: Korean Actors MOST DIFFICULT To Work With

11. My Drama World

My Drama World is a channel on YouTube that is dedicated to providing high quality and entertaining Korean dramas.

Subscribers: 29,200

Views: 993,227

Videos: 69

Average Views Per Video: 14,395

Joined: Dec 25, 2018

Popular Video: Pachinko Trailer (2022) | Release date | #파친코 Lee Min-Ho’s Upcoming Apple TV+ Drama Latest Updates!

12. DramaSpot

Subscribers: 10,700

Views: 3,373,365

Videos: 93

Average Views Per Video: 36,273

Joined: Sep 20, 2022

Popular Video: Top 10 K-Dramas Where The Rich Boy Falls For The Poor Girl

13. Seoul Hits

Subscribers: 5,850

Views: 1,690,599

Videos: 82

Average Views Per Video: 20,618

Joined: Dec 16, 2019

Popular Video: Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Actors [2023 Updated]

Leave a comment below or contact us at contact(at)youneedchannels(dot)com if you would like to suggest a YouTube channel to be added to our list.

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