78 Best LEGO YouTubers of 2022 (Ranked by Popularity)

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We searched through YouTube to find the best LEGO YouTube channels for fans of LEGO. These YouTubers provide reviews, builds, news, and discussions all about the world of LEGO. This list of LEGO YouTubers is ranked in order of popularity based on the highest subscriber count.


1. LEGO Official Youtube Channel

Hello and welcome to the home of the official LEGO® channel, thanks for dropping by! We hope to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, so there’s lots of awesome videos here for families to enjoy together, from exclusive webisodes to stop motion animations!

Subscribers: 15,500,000

Views: 19,651,518,019

Videos: 29,448

Average Views Per Video: 667,330

Joined: Oct 22, 2005

Popular Video: Cars 3 As Told By LEGO Bricks

2. Brick Builder

Lego Speed Build videos 🙂

Subscribers: 2,520,000

Views: 1,645,259,624

Videos: 2,120

Average Views Per Video: 776,066

Joined: Sep 23, 2013

Popular Video: Lego Minecraft 21137 The Mountain Cave – Lego Speed Build

3. Half-Asleep Chris

Stop-motion storytelling meets vlogging, I guess? I travel as much as I can, explain things, collect things, build things, and have two cats – Ralph & Bella.

Subscribers: 2,220,000

Views: 402,340,754

Videos: 138

Average Views Per Video: 2,915,513

Joined: Jan 26, 2017

Popular Video: I Built a HUGE Lego Railway – Up Stairs & Underwater!

4. FK Films

Hi! I create Lego stop motion videos. Lego videos of all different kinds. Funny, action, adventure, and plenty of fun!

Subscribers: 1,800,000

Views: 987,321,393

Videos: 109

Average Views Per Video: 9,057,995

Joined: Oct 20, 2015

Popular Video: Lego SWAT – The Robbery


Lego videos of all different kinds. Action, adventure, and plenty of fun!

Subscribers: 1,460,000

Views: 1,052,412,352

Videos: 191

Average Views Per Video: 5,510,013

Joined: Jul 22, 2009

Popular Video: Lego Halloween

6. ZaziNombies LEGO Creations

Making your dreams come true, with Lego.

Subscribers: 1,370,000

Views: 449,786,730

Videos: 597

Average Views Per Video: 753,412

Joined: Aug 30, 2009

Popular Video: LEGO Force-A-Nature – Team Fortress 2


Lego isn’t just a kids toy. Never stop having fun!

Subscribers: 1,310,000

Views: 314,896,364

Videos: 560

Average Views Per Video: 562,315

Joined: Aug 30, 2015

Popular Video: CURSED LEGO pieces…

8. JK Brickworks

We design custom LEGO® models of all sorts. From kinetic sculptures to ‘intelligent’ robots and everything in between.

Subscribers: 1,280,000

Views: 435,752,760

Videos: 229

Average Views Per Video: 1,902,851

Joined: Mar 6, 2007

Popular Video: The Ultimate LEGO Machine Returns!

9. Austrian Lego Fan

Hello everyone, i am an Adult Fan of Lego and on my channel you will find Videos all about LEGO. Mainly i do Speed Builds of new and old Lego Sets.

Subscribers: 1,230,000

Views: 724,146,627

Videos: 3,432

Average Views Per Video: 210,999

Joined: Aug 6, 2012

Popular Video: All Lego Ninjago Movie Summer Sets 2017 Compilation – Lego Speed Build Review

10. Beyond the Brick

We showcase amazing LEGO creations from around the world.

Subscribers: 1,100,000

Views: 461,683,300

Videos: 3,241

Average Views Per Video: 142,451

Joined: Jul 17, 2012

Popular Video: LEGO Great Ball Contraption / Rube Goldberg

11. BRICK 101

BRICK 101 features fun videos that entertain, inspire, and educate.

Subscribers: 958,000

Views: 294,065,332

Videos: 361

Average Views Per Video: 814,586

Joined: Feb 15, 2009

Popular Video: BRICK 101 FNAF roleplay compilation

12. LEGO Family

Welcome to LEGO Little Ones! Our channel dedicated to your Little Ones where we offer you safe and kid-friendly LEGO produced videos that you will be able to watch along with your pre-schooler or toddler.

Subscribers: 884,000

Views: 1,151,239,432

Videos: 1,262

Average Views Per Video: 912,235

Joined: Nov 2, 2016

Popular Video: LEGO DUPLO Disney Mickey & Minnie’s Birthday Party! 🎈

13. Lego Man Productions

Welcome to JD Brick Productions! This channel centers around videos depicting historical events, which I create with an old-fashion animation technique called “stopmotion.”

Subscribers: 723,000

Views: 214,945,518

Videos: 97

Average Views Per Video: 2,215,934

Joined: Jun 10, 2014

Popular Video: Lego WW1 – The Battle Of Verdun – stop motion

14. Brick Science

Building Crazy inventions out of LEGO Bricks on the Ultimate LEGO DIY Show.

Subscribers: 702,000

Views: 106,082,890

Videos: 125

Average Views Per Video: 848,664

Joined: Sep 14, 2016

Popular Video: I Survived Using Only LEGO Weapons

15. Solid Brix Studios

Dedicated to Building, Collecting, Reviewing, and Animating LEGO! You’ve come to the right place. David Hall (Solid Brix Studios) reinvents what the LEGO YouTube community is with weekly series Building massive LEGO dioramas!

Subscribers: 540,000

Views: 166,485,981

Videos: 932

Average Views Per Video: 178,634

Joined: Jul 30, 2008

Popular Video: Building Daro in 6 minutes! LEGO Star Wars MOC Timelapse

16. The LEGO Group

Welcome to the LEGO Group’s channel, where everything is awesome! Here, you can discover all of the wonderful things we’re doing at the LEGO company.

Subscribers: 489,000

Views: 25,621,182

Videos: 227

Average Views Per Video: 112,869

Joined: Aug 12, 2016

Popular Video: LEGO Bricks In The Making

17. Keshen8

Lego, Sandwiches, Kung Fu and Lightsabers.

Subscribers: 441,000

Views: 232,426,758

Videos: 87

Average Views Per Video: 2,671,572

Joined: Sep 9, 2006

Popular Video: Lego Hulk Buster

18. Tiago Catarino

I do LEGO videos! Set Reviews, Tutorials and Informative videos pieced together semi-decently. I upload whenever I have a good video to show, otherwise I won’t waste your time.

Subscribers: 415,000

Views: 101,561,159

Videos: 430

Average Views Per Video: 236,189

Joined: Jan 6, 2014

Popular Video: LEGO MINI VEHICLES Part 2 (Tutorial)

19. MasterBuilders

Sub for a Lego 🙂

Subscribers: 363,000

Views: 13,777,159

Videos: 49

Average Views Per Video: 281,167

Joined: Mar 4, 2015

Popular Video: I Turned Popular HORROR Games Into LEGO Sets…

20. Bricksie

Subscribe for LEGO goodness! On this channel we talk about everything LEGO! Set reviews, city updates, VLOGS, MOCS, live builds, and much more!

Subscribers: 326,000

Views: 79,298,932

Videos: 1,540

Average Views Per Video: 51,493

Joined: Oct 11, 2015

Popular Video: Buying Discounted LEGO at Walmart

21. LEGO News

Subscribers: 274,000

Views: 81,799

Videos: 16

Average Views Per Video: 5,113

Joined: Apr 13, 2017

Popular Video: All LEGO Marvel Avengers Mixed Minifigures !!! Part 2

22. Sariel’s LEGO Workshop

Conquering the world with bricks & pets!

Subscribers: 267,000

Views: 106,714,740

Videos: 883

Average Views Per Video: 120,855

Joined: Mar 21, 2006

Popular Video: Lego Technic RC Maus Super-heavy Tank

23. Mini LEGO Youtuber

Easy building small/nano/micro size brick Transformer robot MOC, Building Tutorial (Building Instructions).

Subscribers: 266,000

Views: 81,979,865

Videos: 201

Average Views Per Video: 407,861

Joined: Apr 25, 2019

Popular Video: 56 LEGO robot stop motion animations! All my LEGO transformers and combiners mech MOC!

24. The B3

Welcome to The B3! We make LEGO videos about Minifigures, sets, custom creations, and more!

Subscribers: 235,000

Views: 35,078,557

Videos: 101

Average Views Per Video: 347,313

Joined: Jun 26, 2017

Popular Video: I made HARDCORE Minecraft in LEGO…

25. Lego Master

Subscribers: 183,000

Views: 6,785,984

Videos: 7

Average Views Per Video: 969,427

Joined: Sep 24, 2013

Popular Video: LEGO Titanic

26. RacingBrick

RacingBrick brings you the best LEGO remote control conversions, Power Functions / Powered Up tutorials and detailed set reviews!

Subscribers: 159,000

Views: 52,333,714

Videos: 447

Average Views Per Video: 117,078

Joined: Jul 4, 2016

Popular Video: LEGO Technic 42070 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck detailed review & off-road test


Welcome to JAYSTEPHER’s all LEGO YouTube Channel. Here you will find videos on LEGO DIY tutorials and custom builds!

Subscribers: 149,000

Views: 72,296,185

Videos: 611

Average Views Per Video: 118,325

Joined: Aug 5, 2010

Popular Video: How to Build a LEGO Public Bathroom TUTORIAL

28. Republic Studs

Subscribers: 118,000

Views: 23,466,853

Videos: 945

Average Views Per Video: 24,833

Joined: Sep 14, 2017

Popular Video: LEGO Star Wars TV Commercials (1999-2021)

29. Alex Nunes

Welcome to the LEGO city of Mindyapolis, named after my awesome wife who is a great supporter of my LEGO hobby. On my channel I highlight all the changes that continue to develop in the city.

Subscribers: 103,000

Views: 43,656,853

Videos: 630

Average Views Per Video: 69,297

Joined: Dec 14, 2009

Popular Video: Driving Through a Huge LEGO City

30. Gold Puffin Lego Animation

Gold Puffin: brickfilms to make you smile.

Subscribers: 94,700

Views: 25,432,762

Videos: 538

Average Views Per Video: 47,273

Joined: May 1, 2017

Popular Video: 5 Ways to Build a Lego Siren Head

31. LEGO Gaming

Welcome to the LEGO Gaming channel! That’s right, a channel dedicated to all things LEGO Games.

Subscribers: 92,000

Views: 68,737,963

Videos: 316

Average Views Per Video: 217,526

Joined: Aug 21, 2017

Popular Video: It’s Almost Time! – LEGO Dimensions – Launch Trailer

32. Nick Brick

Nick Brick (Nick Jensen, he/him/his) is an award-winning brick artist who loves meshing pop culture with LEGO® bricks. He has built 1:1 scale replicas ever since building a Nintendo GameCube in 2002 when he was 9 years old.

Subscribers: 80,900

Views: 12,751,715

Videos: 166

Average Views Per Video: 76,818

Joined: May 29, 2011

Popular Video: Tutorial: LEGO Ronin Titan – Titanfall 2

33. RM8 LEGO Garage

Thank you for visiting my channel. I am Egor from Russia, AFOL and designer of set LEGO technic 41999. My channel is about LEGO Technic. LEGO is not only my hobby, but part of my everyday life and work.

Subscribers: 80,300

Views: 22,214,979

Videos: 382

Average Views Per Video: 58,155

Joined: Oct 26, 2010

Popular Video: Fastest LEGO Technic BAJA Trophy Truck with SBrick

34. First Order Lego

Hi there, Luka here and let me welcome you to First Order Lego: It’s a LEGO Star Wars channel where I work hard to build mocs and provide amazing content for you guys.

Subscribers: 74,900

Views: 14,983,248

Videos: 198

Average Views Per Video: 75,673

Joined: Jun 9, 2014

Popular Video: TIMELAPSE: Star Wars Zombie Apocalypse MOC Death Troopers Star Destroyer LEGO MOC Blackwing

35. Brickmania Toys

We specialize in creating custom Lego models, kits, and minifigures of historical or military subjects. This YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing all of the awesome kits and products we work on!

Subscribers: 68,200

Views: 18,145,292

Videos: 1,072

Average Views Per Video: 16,927

Joined: Feb 23, 2012

Popular Video: Micro Brick Battle

36. Nico71’s Lego Technic Creations

Here is my channel about my Lego technic creations! I build machine, vehicle and cool stuff in Lego Technic.

Subscribers: 61,500

Views: 23,084,095

Videos: 288

Average Views Per Video: 80,154

Joined: Sep 15, 2007

Popular Video: Lego Technic – Mechanical Loom Machine

37. Lego Technic Mastery

Lego Technic Mastery – The Art Of Mastering Lego Technic

Subscribers: 53,800

Views: 7,428,313

Videos: 77

Average Views Per Video: 96,472

Joined: Oct 9, 2014

Popular Video: The Lego Levitating Transmission & Other Odd Lego Mechanisms – Lego Technic Mastery

38. Jerry Builds Bricks

Welcome to Jerry’s channel! I like movies, books, comics, sci-fi and of course LEGO. My goal is to build MOCs of famous vehicles and make instructions so you can build them too!

Subscribers: 40,800

Views: 5,998,267

Videos: 139

Average Views Per Video: 43,153

Joined: May 8, 2017

Popular Video: LEGO Lamborghini Huracán Performante instructions (MOC #88)

39. Green Gecko Lego Technic Workshop

Welcome to Green Gecko Workshop, I Design Custom Lego Technic Pneumatic Engines (LPE’s) and LPE Powered Vehicles. I also make all kinds of Lego Technic MOC’s and Instruction Videos.

Subscribers: 38,800

Views: 7,751,959

Videos: 86

Average Views Per Video: 90,140

Joined: Mar 7, 2016

Popular Video: [MOC] Lego Technic Pneumatic HOT ROD Chassis – 1/8th Scale – V8 LPE Powered!

40. Brick Clicker

Welcome to Brick Clicker! Keep Clickin N Brick’n!

Subscribers: 37,600

Views: 9,414,795

Videos: 592

Average Views Per Video: 15,904

Joined: Dec 19, 2015


41. GeekBrick – LEGO MOC

My name is Vladimir or simply “Shiro”. I create different models from the LEGO constructor and not only. This is my new channel, on which only LEGO MOC and alternative models of sets will come out.

Subscribers: 32,100

Views: 3,879,601

Videos: 67

Average Views Per Video: 57,905

Joined: May 22, 2017

Popular Video: LEGO Nexo-Knights: Axl Mighty Form – Custom Figure

42. Lego Man

Hello this Lego Man. On this channel I produce mostly Lego Star Wars Stop-Motion Animations. I hope you enjoy my content!

Subscribers: 30,700

Views: 18,628,393

Videos: 58

Average Views Per Video: 321,180

Joined: Jan 14, 2013

Popular Video: Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens: Battle on Starkiller Base

43. Thomas The Lego Engine

Join Thomas and all his LEGO friends on many adventures across the wounderful Island of Sodor.

Subscribers: 25,000

Views: 24,177,441

Videos: 109

Average Views Per Video: 221,812

Joined: Dec 21, 2013

Popular Video: LEGO: Thomas and The Magic Railroad Smelters Yard Scene

44. Brick Tree Productions

Hello there and welcome to my channel! On this channel you can find brickfilms so if you like LEGO this is the channel for you!

Subscribers: 23,200

Views: 8,336,935

Videos: 51

Average Views Per Video: 163,470

Joined: Aug 3, 2013

Popular Video: Lego School 2

45. lego stop motion

Welcome to LS motion

Subscribers: 21,800

Views: 6,209,623

Videos: 603

Average Views Per Video: 10,298

Joined: Sep 21, 2015

Popular Video: Massive lego Minecraft world MOC (full review)

46. Zerobrick’s Lego Creations

Here I showcase Lego models, especially technic, various ideas and tutorials.

Subscribers: 17,500

Views: 6,479,093

Videos: 153

Average Views Per Video: 42,348

Joined: May 6, 2008

Popular Video: Lego 42065 Updgraded with Buwizz + instructions

47. 22 BRICKS

LEGO Trailer Recreations and LEGO Brick Films. You like Marvel’s Avengers, Star Wars, IT, Batman and more? Then this is the right channel for you!

Subscribers: 14,700

Views: 9,938,489

Videos: 76

Average Views Per Video: 130,770

Joined: Jul 6, 2013

Popular Video: LEGO IT 🎈TRAILER 2017 (Pennywise Clown) RECEATION

48. The Hidden Brick

This channel is dedicated to real time build of official LEGO sets for your reference or entertainment. We have tons of videos for your viewing pleasure and we aim to add a new one each day.

Subscribers: 14,100

Views: 11,525,846

Videos: 1,157

Average Views Per Video: 9,962

Joined: Apr 18, 2015

Popular Video: Lego Build – Lego City Cargo Train Set #60052 – Part1

49. Lego Buildz

Lego Buildz makes stop motion animations with Lego! We also feature on this channel other Lego related content such as speed builds and MOCs.

Subscribers: 13,900

Views: 11,161,371

Videos: 220

Average Views Per Video: 50,734

Joined: Feb 1, 2007


50. CBBricks

Welcome LEGO fans to CBBricks! Your channel for all things LEGO. I usually make MOCs (my own creations), but I also make instructional videos, set reviews, gaming videos, and stop motions!

Subscribers: 13,300

Views: 2,708,031

Videos: 165

Average Views Per Video: 16,413

Joined: Oct 30, 2011

Popular Video: R-18 Stormtrooper Mech Suit Tutorial – A LEGO Star Wars MOC Tutorial

51. Lego Views

Welcome to the Brick Central Youtube Channel! The content on this channel will cover Lego News, My Minifigure Collection Updates, Reviews, Lego Top Lists & more!

Subscribers: 12,500

Views: 5,167,354

Videos: 775

Average Views Per Video: 6,668

Joined: Feb 18, 2015

Popular Video: Top Ten Greatest Lego Star Wars Mocs Ever!

52. Si O Connor

I’m an Irish Adult Fan Of LEGO (AFOL) I mainly collect Marvel, Star Wars, D.C, Harry Potter and spooky LEGO! I also love LEGO Creator Modulars and Minifigures!

Subscribers: 11,600

Views: 6,955,592

Videos: 412

Average Views Per Video: 16,883

Joined: Oct 24, 2011

Popular Video: LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK Storage boxes #legoikea #BYGGLEK #LEGO

53. Stud City

Welcome to STUD CITY! This channel would be nothing without the viewers from the channel as I am forever grateful. The community here is something I have never been apart of and will not take it for granted.

Subscribers: 11,500

Views: 2,459,029

Videos: 777

Average Views Per Video: 3,165

Joined: Feb 18, 2013

Popular Video: LEGO Doesn’t Want You To Know This

54. h2brick

Hello! I’m Noah and I build creations made from LEGO bricks. Star Wars is mostly my jam – but I also dabble in other themes.

Subscribers: 10,800

Views: 2,129,297

Videos: 188

Average Views Per Video: 11,327

Joined: Apr 13, 2013

Popular Video: HUGE LEGO Star Wars Clone Army

55. Brick Me Up Scottie

I was diagnosed with sudden hearing lost in May 2017. I was told there was no cure and tinnitus (loud ringing) set in my ears, so I decided to take a break from my work life and stay with my family. As a director, film maker in the entertainment industry, I was in search for something to soothe my hearing. I found peace with my first LEGO modular build and it felt like my own therapy.

Subscribers: 10,200

Views: 1,460,613

Videos: 395

Average Views Per Video: 3,698

Joined: Oct 28, 2017

Popular Video: AC130 Gunship

56. LEGO Motion Studios

Subscribers: 9,360

Views: 3,575,927

Videos: 73

Average Views Per Video: 48,986

Joined: Mar 15, 2015

Popular Video: LEGO Motion Studios’: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 5 Minutes

57. The Brothers Brick

World’s No. 1 source for LEGO news, reviews, and fan creations.

Subscribers: 8,620

Views: 3,536,193

Videos: 143

Average Views Per Video: 24,729

Joined: Jan 31, 2015

Popular Video: LEGO Chinese New Year 80104 Lion Dance introduction

58. The LegoCity Guys

We want to create the biggest and best Lego city layout possible. The point of this city is to get everything to function, while keeping it as real as possible.

Subscribers: 8,580

Views: 4,400,548

Videos: 75

Average Views Per Video: 58,674

Joined: Jan 20, 2011

Popular Video: Lego 10233 Horizon Express full length train plus bonus crash of monorail 6399 and Maersk 10219

59. The Brickman

The Brickman is a team of skilled LEGO® brick artists and craftspeople based in Melbourne, Australia and led by Ryan McNaught, aka “The Brickman”, who is proud to be a LEGO® certified Professional, one of only 14 in the world and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.

Subscribers: 8,100

Views: 1,484,343

Videos: 169

Average Views Per Video: 8,784

Joined: Jun 24, 2015

Popular Video: Building Awesome- LEGO® brick Antonov 225

60. Sands

I’m Never Not Joking

Subscribers: 7,220

Views: 292,075

Videos: 51

Average Views Per Video: 5,727

Joined: Jan 5, 2013

Popular Video: Why I’m Done Buying Lego Star Wars

61. Captain Xavier’s LEGO Channel

This channel is dedicated to all my LEGO stuff. Builds, tours, other such things.

Subscribers: 6,860

Views: 480,227

Videos: 286

Average Views Per Video: 1,680

Joined: Jul 28, 2017

Popular Video: LEGO Castle Tour – Part 1

62. filsawgood Lego Technic Creations

Here I share with you the fruits of my lovely hobby – Legobuilding! My favorite series is Lego Technic, so most of the models are dedicated to it.

Subscribers: 6,380

Views: 1,473,504

Videos: 68

Average Views Per Video: 21,670

Joined: Apr 1, 2014

Popular Video: Lego Technic Aircraft Tug XL

63. Lego Angry Birds

Hey there YouTube it’s eithan sered the creator of lego Angry Birds now this channel is about episodes based on the angry birds toons. I will also make videos based off my own ideas.

Subscribers: 6,140

Views: 4,143,487

Videos: 61

Average Views Per Video: 67,927

Joined: Oct 11, 2016

Popular Video: lego angry birds chuck time episode 1

64. LEGO Super Heroes

We hope to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, so come and join us and watch your favorite Minifigure characters from Lego ninjago, Lego spiderman, Lego batman, Lego hulk, LEGO Bionicle and more come to life, in exclusive webisodes and stop motion videos!

Subscribers: 4,920

Views: 1,754,866

Videos: 41

Average Views Per Video: 42,802

Joined: Mar 27, 2017

Popular Video: Godzilla vs Godzilla – Godzilla vs. King Kong 2017 – Dinosaurs Play Doh Stop Motion Clay

65. Pro Lego Channel

I’m just a guy who is the best at building Lego and I’m #1 on the Youtube. I’m not endorsed by LEGO or anyone else unless we both agree on it.

Subscribers: 4,510

Views: 652,514

Videos: 1,008

Average Views Per Video: 648

Joined: Apr 13, 2016

Popular Video: One Weird Trick to Get Classic Cops (EVERYTIME!) | Series 18 | Lego Blind Bag Friday #21

66. CraftedBricks

Welcome to CraftedBricks a channel all about sharing ways with you to craft better Lego models. From custom Lego models that you can download instructions for, to modifications to standard Lego sets, MOC reviews, Lego building tips and much more!

Subscribers: 4,430

Views: 441,765

Videos: 55

Average Views Per Video: 8,033

Joined: Jun 22, 2020

Popular Video: HOW TO FIX your Lego Technic Porsche 911 RSR – Lego Set 42096

67. BrickbyBrick’s LEGO Technic

Hi and welcome to my channel! I am a popular designer on rebrickable. I used to post on lego ideas and still do sometimes, but you will find all my MOCs here.

Subscribers: 4,410

Views: 1,721,386

Videos: 76

Average Views Per Video: 22,650

Joined: Jan 18, 2016

Popular Video: Lego Technic Heavy Drill Rig- 42055 C model

68. Cube Brick

I’m a Polish builder with a lot of ideas, and my goal is to share them with the world. Slowly growing in the world of AFOLs, with a hope to be one of the greatest.

Subscribers: 3,750

Views: 267,067

Videos: 67

Average Views Per Video: 3,987

Joined: May 15, 2007

Popular Video: How to build a 74-Z Speeder Bike – LEGO Star Wars MOC (Building instructions)

69. This Old Lego Brick

This Old Lego Brick is a AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) channel that focuses on MOCs (My Own Creation) featured in a small, but growing Lego city called Old Brick Town.

Subscribers: 3,400

Views: 415,657

Videos: 117

Average Views Per Video: 3,553

Joined: Dec 4, 2015

Popular Video: Lego City Update – Sloped Road. Slow Motion Car Crashes, Tips, and More!

70. Cosplay Lego

Looking for a Spider-Man who also builds lego? Not to worry because you’ve found the right channel!

Subscribers: 3,380

Views: 1,614,356

Videos: 78

Average Views Per Video: 20,697

Joined: Sep 19, 2016

Popular Video: Civil War Spider-man Zentaizone Costume

71. Battlebots Explained

Welcome to Battlebots Explained, where I build and fight with accurate Lego recreations of famous competitors from Battlebots, Robot Wars, and others!

Subscribers: 3,250

Views: 1,425,575

Videos: 376

Average Views Per Video: 3,792

Joined: Jul 20, 2019

Popular Video: Battlebots Explained: Minotaur

72. Owenz Hub

Sharing my love of all things geek – LEGO, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Transformers, Gundams, Figma, Subscription boxes, collectibles and gaming.

Subscribers: 3,240

Views: 814,816

Videos: 390

Average Views Per Video: 2,090

Joined: Jun 27, 2015


73. EthanNetwork

Hello there! I’m Ethan and I do stuff with Lego + other nerdy things.

Subscribers: 2,710

Views: 264,324

Videos: 359

Average Views Per Video: 737

Joined: Oct 3, 2015

Popular Video: Lego Alligator Variants Comparison!

74. Lego Machinex

Lego Machinex here, and this is my YouTube channel where I do all kinds of LEGO content!

Subscribers: 2,020

Views: 415,897

Videos: 558

Average Views Per Video: 746

Joined: Jul 6, 2016

Popular Video: New Star wars 2017 summer sets images full analysis


I make lego videos.

Subscribers: 1,840

Views: 279,352

Videos: 325

Average Views Per Video: 860

Joined: Sep 28, 2016

Popular Video: Lego Star Wars Mini-MOC on Naboo [Speed Build]

76. DD’s Bricks

Hello everyone, it’s DD here, I make videos of my LEGO M.O.C.s, Minifigures, Unboxings, Stop Motion Films, and much more!

Subscribers: 1,570

Views: 459,700

Videos: 586

Average Views Per Video: 785

Joined: Jul 3, 2016

Popular Video: LEGO Siren Head

77. Adorier Lego Studios

I am a Lego Builder who builds whatever inspires me. On this channel, I showcase my builds, document my lego life, and have a good time!

Subscribers: 1,560

Views: 274,949

Videos: 202

Average Views Per Video: 1,362

Joined: Jun 5, 2016

Popular Video: Lego Star Wars Episode 2 Set Ideas

78. Bricksville

Subscribers: 1,360

Views: 138,837

Videos: 18

Average Views Per Video: 7,714

Joined: Aug 3, 2022

Popular Video: LEGO Simpsons House Review. Is it Really a Must Have?

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  1. Why did you leave Brick Experiment channel out, this would be actually No. 2 on your list by subscribers (3.04M), by views it would be No. 6.


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