43 Best Math YouTube Channels (Ranked by Popularity)

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We curated the best YouTube channels about math and sorted our list based on the number of subscribers. If you are looking for channels to help you expand your knowledge and improve your math skills, check out our list of the top math YouTube channels.

1. 3Blue1Brown

3Blue1Brown, by Grant Sanderson, is some combination of math and entertainment, depending on your disposition. The goal is for explanations to be driven by animations and for difficult problems to be made simple with changes in perspective.

Subscribers: 4,810,000

Views: 308,826,790

Videos: 127

Average Views Per Video: 2,431,708

Joined: Mar 3, 2015

Popular Video: But what is a Fourier series? From heat flow to drawing with circles | DE4

2. Numberphile

Videos about numbers and mathematics. Videos by Brady Haran since 2011.

Subscribers: 4,180,000

Views: 654,307,784

Videos: 666

Average Views Per Video: 982,445

Joined: Sep 15, 2011

Popular Video: The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake – Numberphile

3. Eddie Woo

I teach mathematics at a comprehensive public high school in Sydney, Australia. I’m also an author (Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths, It’s a Numberful World, Eddie Woo’s Magical Maths 1 & 2) and TV host (Teenage Boss on ABC ME).

Subscribers: 1,630,000

Views: 141,496,223

Videos: 4,864

Average Views Per Video: 29,091

Joined: Mar 29, 2012

Popular Video: The Magical Disappearing Square

4. tecmath

This channel obsesses over methods to make maths easier! I specialise in Math Tricks for fast results!

Subscribers: 1,370,000

Views: 138,720,508

Videos: 363

Average Views Per Video: 382,151

Joined: Oct 22, 2009

Popular Video: Square root in 3 seconds – math trick

5. patrickJMT

Howdy! I’ve been creating free Mathematics videos since 2007 and continue to do so.

Subscribers: 1,330,000

Views: 380,230,072

Videos: 2,029

Average Views Per Video: 187,398

Joined: Oct 1, 2007

Popular Video: A Proof that 0 = 1 (Can You Spot the Mistake?)

6. Brian McLogan

This channel is all about sharing those experiences with you to get you on your path to success. I teach math from the perspective of the struggling student because that was me & it could be you, too. My videos are short, to-the-point and cover everything from Algebra 1 through Calculus.

Subscribers: 1,220,000

Views: 234,347,916

Videos: 12,318

Average Views Per Video: 19,025

Joined: Aug 19, 2010

Popular Video: Dividing a whole number by a fraction

7. Math and Science

Quality Math And Science Videos that feature step-by-step example problems!

Subscribers: 1,080,000

Views: 95,014,756

Videos: 2,518

Average Views Per Video: 37,735

Joined: May 10, 2008

Popular Video: Lesson 1 – Voltage, Current, Resistance (Engineering Circuit Analysis)

8. Stand-up Maths

I do mathematics and stand-up. Sometimes simultaneously. Occasionally while being filmed. (It’s quite the Venn diagram.)

Subscribers: 1,060,000

Views: 116,691,261

Videos: 242

Average Views Per Video: 482,196

Joined: Sep 10, 2009

Popular Video: The Unbeatable Game from the 60s: Dr NIM

9. Math with Mr. J

Math with Mr. J is a math education channel that offers instructional math videos to anyone looking for a little extra help with math!

Subscribers: 550,000

Views: 73,167,540

Videos: 598

Average Views Per Video: 122,354

Joined: Jan 31, 2018

Popular Video: How to Convert Fractions to Decimals

10. The Math Sorcerer

Math videos and all things math related. I also make videos on other things too:)

Subscribers: 466,000

Views: 54,861,949

Videos: 7,430

Average Views Per Video: 7,384

Joined: Sep 10, 2014

Popular Video: Learn Mathematics from START to FINISH

11. Mario’s Math Tutoring

Straight to the point, Easy to understand, Time-Saving Math Lessons to get YOU up to speed quickly.

Subscribers: 270,000

Views: 36,287,775

Videos: 790

Average Views Per Video: 45,934

Joined: Dec 16, 2014

Popular Video: Simplifying Radicals Easy Method

12. Mathispower4u

This channel provides math tutorials from basic arithmetic through calculus III and beyond. I integrate the videos into my courses taught with open educational resources at no cost to students.

Subscribers: 237,000

Views: 227,557,358

Videos: 8,130

Average Views Per Video: 27,990

Joined: Jan 10, 2008

Popular Video: Ex: Find the Equation of a Quadratic Function from a Graph

13. TrevTutor

TrevTutor provides people around the world with a free, high-quality university education in mathematics, linguistics, and more. With both university-style lecture videos and quick problem-solving videos, your understanding of difficult material should greatly improve from investing time here.

Subscribers: 226,000

Views: 28,572,094

Videos: 451

Average Views Per Video: 63,353

Joined: Jan 24, 2014


14. ProfRobBob

A growing collection of mathematics education videos related to Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, and AP Statistics:) I have a BS in Mathematics Education and 25 years of teaching experience at the high school level.

Subscribers: 206,000

Views: 30,213,801

Videos: 757

Average Views Per Video: 39,913

Joined: Aug 30, 2011

Popular Video: Pallet Couch Pallet Sofa the Tarrou Way, Time Stamps in Description

15. Duane Habecker

I have been a math teacher since 1989 and still LOVE my job! Here are videos that I continue to create in order to make math accessible to all my students.

Subscribers: 120,000

Views: 42,444,742

Videos: 1,105

Average Views Per Video: 38,412

Joined: Jul 17, 2006

Popular Video: Writing a formula from a sequence

16. Insights into Mathematics

This channel aims to explain a lot of interesting mathematics to a broad audience, to introduce exciting new research directions, and to fix some of the logical weaknesses that beset the subject.

Subscribers: 108,000

Views: 13,168,539

Videos: 838

Average Views Per Video: 15,715

Joined: Oct 15, 2007

Popular Video: Pythagoras’ theorem (a) | Math History | NJ Wildberger

17. Math Mammoth

Enjoy learning math — or learning HOW to teach math! I always emphasize conceptual understanding & number sense, because I feel that is how students learn math best.

Subscribers: 66,300

Views: 11,368,582

Videos: 526

Average Views Per Video: 21,614

Joined: Jan 14, 2008

Popular Video: Comparing fractions visually – easy lesson for 2nd grade

18. Minute Math

We believe in a free, quality education for all students from all backgrounds. We want to help provide quality, online instructional videos for students who may not be able to afford a tutor or have extra help at home.

Subscribers: 56,600

Views: 8,921,606

Videos: 4,976

Average Views Per Video: 1,793

Joined: Sep 19, 2011

Popular Video: The Quadratic Formula Song – One Direction Cover

19. Brandon Craft

Math instructor for over 15 years. Apple and Android enthusiast. Tech junkie. I should make grilling videos because I love a charcoal grill, but anyway…

Subscribers: 48,200

Views: 6,341,088

Videos: 678

Average Views Per Video: 9,353

Joined: Aug 5, 2006

Popular Video: Slope The Pitch of a Roof

20. Math Easy Solutions

Watch easy to understand math proofs and explanations as well as tutorials for many other topics such as online calculators, how bowling works, Skype Trouble shooting and even Engineering topics.

Subscribers: 45,200

Views: 9,368,229

Videos: 1,132

Average Views Per Video: 8,276

Joined: Oct 26, 2011

Popular Video: Athlete’s Foot: What is it, how to treat it and how to avoid it! A must watch!

21. Maths Platter

Maths Platter is a channel dedicated to free online math and stats tutorials. In this channel you’ll find short maths and stats solved example videos covering a variety of topics.

Subscribers: 31,300

Views: 5,662,445

Videos: 4,244

Average Views Per Video: 1,335

Joined: May 3, 2016

Popular Video: Skewness and Kurtosis – Part 1 – Statistics

22. Cole’s World of Mathematics

This channel is my growing collection of College-Level Math Tutorial Videos intended for College-Age Adults (age 18 and over). Topics focus on Calculus, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Probability Theory, Introductory Algebra Topics, and Remedial Math Topics from Algebra 1 and 2 for the struggling College Adult studying Math as well as TI-84 Tutorials.

Subscribers: 30,200

Views: 5,904,814

Videos: 970

Average Views Per Video: 6,088

Joined: Aug 28, 2015

Popular Video: 2 Examples of Probability With & Without Replacement

23. Mr. Morgan’s Math Help

These videos were created to support both students and teachers with the OUR (Open Up Resources) Mathematics curriculum.

Subscribers: 29,800

Views: 8,875,683

Videos: 1,049

Average Views Per Video: 8,462

Joined: Oct 4, 2016

Popular Video: 6 1 1 Illustrative Mathematics Grade 6 Unit 1 Lesson 1 Morgan

24. Mathsaurus

Mathsaurus has hundreds of videos to help you master maths at GCSE, A-Level and beyond! The content is better organised at www.mathsaurus.com along with past papers and other resources.

Subscribers: 27,300

Views: 1,451,738

Videos: 324

Average Views Per Video: 4,481

Joined: Aug 28, 2013

Popular Video: Teaching maths online

25. Math Fortress

Welcome to MathFortress.com where you can “Fortify Your Math Knowledge”.

Subscribers: 25,300

Views: 2,883,199

Videos: 246

Average Views Per Video: 11,721

Joined: Mar 20, 2011

Popular Video: Geometry: Introduction to Geometry (Level 1 of 7) | Basics

26. MathsStatsUNSW

The official YouTube channel of the School of Mathematics and Statistics UNSW, Sydney.

Subscribers: 21,500

Views: 4,427,757

Videos: 456

Average Views Per Video: 9,710

Joined: Nov 1, 2012

Popular Video: Complex Analysis 09: Cauchy’s Integral Formula

27. Mathematics Videos

This channel is made for Mathematics, Physics and Engineering students….. Subjects of interest whose videos will be uploaded are Computational Fluid Dynamics, Astrophysics, Partial differential equations , Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Functional Analysis, Perturbation Theory, Relativity, Electromagnetism…… Viewers suggested topics may also be uploaded……

Subscribers: 17,900

Views: 1,611,334

Videos: 301

Average Views Per Video: 5,354

Joined: Jul 4, 2010

Popular Video: Calculus by s.m yusuf Exercise 1.1 Lecture 01-Q.1 to Q.5

28. Kyle Pearce

This channel is dedicated to the small contribution I hope to make in the Redefinition of Mathematics Education. My primary focus will be sharing my own 3 Act Math Tasks in the style of Dan Meyer, videos I have created to help make mathematics visual for a deeper understanding, math tutorial videos and professional development sessions I have delivered sharing this message.

Subscribers: 13,100

Views: 4,197,757

Videos: 677

Average Views Per Video: 6,201

Joined: Aug 16, 2006

Popular Video: Visualizing the Volume of a Sphere Formula | Deriving the Algebraic Formula With Animations

29. Stacey Roshan

Stacey Roshan is the director of innovation & educational technology and a math teacher and author of Tech with Heart. She has a keen interest in discovering and bringing innovative tools into the classroom.

Subscribers: 11,700

Views: 3,108,639

Videos: 479

Average Views Per Video: 6,490

Joined: Aug 24, 2010

Popular Video: Getting Started with Pear Deck to Make Your Google Slides Presentations Interactive

30. Joel Speranza Math

My name is Joel Speranza and I’m a Maths Teacher and Head of Mathematics from Brisbane Australia.

Subscribers: 11,600

Views: 2,260,522

Videos: 1,380

Average Views Per Video: 1,639

Joined: Jan 29, 2014

Popular Video: Frequency distribution table: class intervals

31. The Free Math Tutor

A Math teacher who wants to teach the entire English-speaking world, Doug Simms got his first video camera in December 2006. Since then, he videotapes himself teaching any topic that he finds himself repeatedly explaining to his students (he teaches all levels of high school Math in the Quebec system). Lazy man that he is, he can forever after tell students, “Go watch the video.”

Subscribers: 10,700

Views: 4,239,993

Videos: 1,193

Average Views Per Video: 3,555

Joined: May 1, 2007

Popular Video: Basic Algebra Skills Part 1

32. Mark Willis

A collection of instructional Mathematics videos for A-Level, IGCSE, KS3, AS and IB. This site is free to use and I hope it will be useful for your learning and revision.

Subscribers: 8,600

Views: 2,954,426

Videos: 3,106

Average Views Per Video: 952

Joined: Sep 23, 2012

Popular Video: The modal and median class from grouped data

33. Mathematics MI

I am a math teacher and I make math videos for you. I hope to upload a video daily.

Subscribers: 8,450

Views: 652,418

Videos: 638

Average Views Per Video: 1,023

Joined: Dec 9, 2015

Popular Video: Integral of sqrt(sin(x)) | Elliptic Integral

34. The Mathmagic Show

This videos on this channel are dedicated to showing you, through simple physical demonstrations that anybody can understand, why certain scientific and mathematical ideas work.

Subscribers: 8,280

Views: 1,387,992

Videos: 910

Average Views Per Video: 1,526

Joined: Jan 10, 2010

Popular Video: Completing a simple ANOVA table

35. TheBeautyofMath

This is a channel initially focusing on all Competition Math such as American Mathematics Competitions, AIME, Math Counts, Math Kangaroo, content from Art of Problem Solving and various other Mathematical Topics.

Subscribers: 6,490

Views: 535,934

Videos: 229

Average Views Per Video: 2,341

Joined: Nov 7, 2011

Popular Video: How to Prepare for the AMC 10 and AMC 12: A plan

36. Mathematics Proofs – GCSE & A Level

Watch video tutorials on how to derive GCSE and A Level mathematics equations / formulas from scratch. Improve your core mathematical skills to increase your chances of getting better exam grades.

Subscribers: 5,890

Views: 1,285,462

Videos: 424

Average Views Per Video: 3,032

Joined: Dec 31, 2013

Popular Video: If a/b=c/d then a/b=(a+c)/(b+d) mathematical proof

37. Taylor Dupuy

Videos about Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory and Differential Algebra. I am an assistant professor at the University of Vermont.

Subscribers: 3,630

Views: 268,457

Videos: 368

Average Views Per Video: 730

Joined: Feb 21, 2015

Popular Video: IUT overview: What papers are involved? Where does it start?

38. Mr Bdubs Math and Physics

Subscribers: 2,400

Views: 1,172,310

Videos: 725

Average Views Per Video: 1,617

Joined: Apr 15, 2009

Popular Video: How to Add vectors using components (part 1)

39. The Magic Of Math

My videos address foundational Math topics for grades 6 – Algebra 1 per Common Core Math Standards.

Subscribers: 2,280

Views: 314,086

Videos: 580

Average Views Per Video: 542

Joined: Apr 15, 2020

Popular Video: Understanding Scatter Plots 💗

40. Hartz Math

Video lessons from my math classes at Hononegah High School.

Subscribers: 1,780

Views: 432,291

Videos: 686

Average Views Per Video: 631

Joined: Dec 6, 2006

Popular Video: Algebra 2: Chapter 1 Review

41. New Calculus

The New Calculus is the first and only rigorous formulation of calculus in human history. Despite the many attempts to denigrate and destroy, it has grown phenomenally and now well-liked by thousands of math enthusiasts, engineers, educators, software developers and scientists around the globe.

Subscribers: 1,460

Views: 331,151

Videos: 685

Average Views Per Video: 484

Joined: Feb 12, 2013

Popular Video: Academic Ignorance And Stupidity Special On Gilbert Strang

42. Vital Sine

This channel covers interesting math concepts in a visual way. I’ll cover tutorials about algebra, geometry, trigonometry, graph theory, and calculus. We will also cover interesting problems from previous math olympiads.

Subscribers: 1,110

Views: 106,802

Videos: 62

Average Views Per Video: 1,723

Joined: Jun 30, 2019

Popular Video: What are Hamiltonian Cycles and Paths? [Graph Theory]

43. Tom Teaches Math

I’m a secondary math teacher in Texas. All videos are created for my math students.

Subscribers: 999

Views: 419,961

Videos: 272

Average Views Per Video: 1,544

Joined: Jan 4, 2013

Popular Video: Factoring Polynomials with Algebra Tiles (1)

If you would like to recommend a YouTube channel to be added to this list, please leave a comment below or contact us.

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