25 Best Sewing YouTube Channels of 2022 (Ranked by Popularity)

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We researched and curated this list of the best sewing YouTube channels. If you are interested in learning about sewing or want to improve your skills, these channels provide excellent tutorials taught by masters of the craft with years of experience. These channels also provide great discussions about interesting sewing topics to further your knowledge and skills.

1. With Wendy | DIY Sewing

Here to show you that yes, you can make your own clothes! Subscribe for happy relaxing videos every Saturday.

Subscribers: 1,390,000

Views: 74,701,990

Videos: 308

Average Views Per Video: 242,539

Joined: Oct 4, 2009

Popular Video: How to Downsize Jeans (Resize Waist & Legs!) | WITHWENDY

2. Stitching Class

This channel is about learning to stitch a single garment like Saree blouse, Salwar Kurtis, Anarkali Lehenga, Skirt & Top etc in our YouTube program. In this channel, people who wish to learn about fashion designing, measurements of a specific garment and the way to measure a person for the same.

Subscribers: 1,400,000

Views: 281,199,322

Videos: 3,363

Average Views Per Video: 83,616

Joined: Oct 4, 2016

Popular Video: Rose Latkan ख़ूबसूरत लटकन बनाये | Beautiful Rose Tassel / Latkan | DIY

3. Amazing Womens World | Sewing Tutorials

Welcome to Amazing Women’s world.Truly about Fashion Designing Tutorials,Trendy Designer Blouses,Design It Yourself, Children’s Special Designer Wear

Subscribers: 1,430,000

Views: 233,589,266

Videos: 1,700

Average Views Per Video: 137,406

Joined: Aug 21, 2013

Popular Video: Beautiful Flower Cushion Cover Cutting and Stitching | DIY | Home Decor

4. The Sewing Channel

BEST Quilting & Sewing Hacks On YouTube! I’ll keep you abreast of all the latest sewing trends! You are sure to have a few laughs with me along the way too!

Subscribers: 109,000

Views: 7,214,393

Videos: 232

Average Views Per Video: 31,097

Joined: Apr 4, 2016

Popular Video: The Best Fitting Face Mask on YouTube on The Sewing Channel

5. Anita by Design | Sewing Videos for Beginners

Welcome to my Channel! If you’re a new beginner who’s interested in step-by-step, very detailed sewing tutorials, you’ve landed in the right place.

Subscribers: 129,000

Views: 4,826,132

Videos: 99

Average Views Per Video: 48,749

Joined: Nov 29, 2015

Popular Video: Learn to Sew | (Lesson 1A)

6. Sara Lawson

My name is Sara Lawson and my pattern design company is called Sew Sweetness. I love sharing bag-making tutorials and full-length pattern videos on my channel, as well as quilting projects.

Subscribers: 131,000

Views: 12,978,452

Videos: 472

Average Views Per Video: 27,497

Joined: Oct 15, 2011

Popular Video: How to Make a Craft Bag

7. Easy Sewing for Beginners

Welcome to Easy Sewing for Beginners YouTube channel. I aim to provide sewing video tutorials along with helpful tricks and tips, especially for beginning sewers.

Subscribers: 148,000

Views: 21,580,706

Videos: 117

Average Views Per Video: 184,451

Joined: Feb 6, 2013

Popular Video: How to Operate a Mini Sewing Machine – Tutorial

8. Diane Deziel

Everything about fashion. Fashion design, Pattern making, pattern drafting, Pattern grading, Draping, Fabric manipulation, Diy project, Sewing, sewing pattern

Subscribers: 175,000

Views: 11,991,126

Videos: 277

Average Views Per Video: 43,290

Joined: Sep 24, 2011

Popular Video: Sewing a tailor collar.

9. Sewing Parts Online

Sewing Parts Online is a leading online retailer of sewing machines, sewing machine parts, accessories, and notions. Since 2008, we’ve made it our mission to provide old-fashioned service with a smile while having unbeatable prices and post sale support.

Subscribers: 181,000

Views: 22,422,091

Videos: 344

Average Views Per Video: 65,181

Joined: Jan 26, 2009

Popular Video: How To Use An Automatic Buttonhole Foot

10. Whitney Sews

Sewing tutorials and inspiration to help sewers of all skill levels learn new projects and techniques. I’m Whitney and I have been creating and posting Whitney Sews videos here on youTube since 2009.

Subscribers: 182,000

Views: 18,146,565

Videos: 852

Average Views Per Video: 21,299

Joined: Dec 29, 2007

Popular Video: Whitney Sews- T-Shirt Circle Skirt and T-shirt Resize {EASY} How to

11. Melly Sews

Dream. Learn. Make. with with Melissa of the popular blog Melly Sews. I like to sew all the things! Find tutorials for sewing clothing, learn to sew, sewing projects for beginners, sewing techniques and more.

Subscribers: 214,000

Views: 18,269,509

Videos: 243

Average Views Per Video: 75,184

Joined: Aug 14, 2013

Popular Video: How to Sew a Zipper Pouch – Easy Beginner Sewing Project

12. Debbie Shore

I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember, I don’t profess to be an expert but have learned so much over the years through trial and error, I thought I’d share with you some of my successes with these simple to follow tutorials!

Subscribers: 266,000

Views: 34,430,080

Videos: 480

Average Views Per Video: 71,730

Joined: Sep 11, 2011

Popular Video: A fun reversible handbag for you to sew by Debbie Shore

13. MeeshaTV | Learn How to Sew

Subscribers: 316,000

Views: 42,109,792

Videos: 809

Average Views Per Video: 52,052

Joined: Nov 8, 2009


14. Mimi G Style

Learn To Sew With Mimi G

Subscribers: 335,000

Views: 17,802,781

Videos: 368

Average Views Per Video: 48,378

Joined: Nov 8, 2010


15. Singer Sewing Company

Since 1851, the name SINGER has been synonymous with sewing. The spirit of practical design and creative innovation that characterized the company at its beginning continues today as we develop products for every level of sewing.

Subscribers: 337,000

Views: 64,337,861

Videos: 904

Average Views Per Video: 71,171

Joined: Nov 30, 2009

Popular Video: SINGER® Gathering Presser Foot Tutorial

16. Sew Very Easy

SewVeryEasy is hosted by Laura A. Coia. This is an educational & entertaining channel, sharing tips & techniques on quilting, sewing & crafting, with the hope of inspiring people to spend more time sewing.

Subscribers: 433,000

Views: 49,737,968

Videos: 908

Average Views Per Video: 54,778

Joined: Feb 15, 2014

Popular Video: A Quick and easy Stitch to Quilt Your Quilt “Double C”

17. Stalk my closet | Indian Sewing Channel

Stalk my Closet is a You Tube Channel Created to share EASY SEWING TECHNIQUES , PATTERN MAKING VIDEOS & many more. Hope you will find our channel informative and useful.

Subscribers: 453,000

Views: 47,483,401

Videos: 463

Average Views Per Video: 102,556

Joined: Apr 9, 2016

Popular Video: Diy Designer Top Cutting & Stitching | Sewing for Beginners

18. Angela Clayton

I’m a hobbyist seamstress and costume maker who has hopes of working in the industry someday. I make a lot of historically inspired things and ruffly dresses. This channel is a way of sharing my progress and my process through videos.

Subscribers: 462,000

Views: 41,943,741

Videos: 246

Average Views Per Video: 170,504

Joined: Dec 23, 2013

Popular Video: Making a Flower Fairy Dress – Part one

19. Professor Pincushion | Sewing Video Tutorials

Our step by step video tutorials will teach you how to sew.

Subscribers: 521,000

Views: 70,949,644

Videos: 527

Average Views Per Video: 134,630

Joined: Nov 14, 2011

Popular Video: How to Repair a Hole in a T-Shirt

20. Madebyaya | Sewing Vlogger

I’m Aya from Japan.Thank you so much for stopping by.

Subscribers: 589,000

Views: 43,875,591

Videos: 307

Average Views Per Video: 142,918

Joined: May 21, 2013

Popular Video: Refashion DIY Men’s Shirt into Two Piece Matching Set / ファッション 古着リメイク / 옷리폼 / COSTURAㅣmadebyaya

21. Sew with me | Sewing Videos

Subscribers: 592,000

Views: 101,036,699

Videos: 449

Average Views Per Video: 225,027

Joined: Mar 8, 2014

Popular Video: Designer Puff/ Ruffle Sleeves Making (DIY)

22. Diy stitching | Sewing & Stitching Tutorials for Beginners

DIY Stitching is a YouTube Channel providing trendy DIY home decor sewing ideas. we believe anyone can try their own DIY home decor sewing ideas.

Subscribers: 608,000

Views: 42,563,896

Videos: 175

Average Views Per Video: 243,223

Joined: Sep 17, 2016

Popular Video: TOP 12 STITCHES IN HAND EMBROIDERY | Tutorial for Beginners

23. Silhouette Patterns

Welcome to the official Silhouette Pattern YouTube page!

Subscribers: 61,200

Views: 7,439,054

Videos: 697

Average Views Per Video: 10,673

Joined: Nov 29, 2011

Popular Video: Fit 2 Stitch – Season 1 Episode 1 – The Bodice and Why Darts are a Woman’s Best Friend

24. Baby Lock Sewing Machines

Welcome to the Baby Lock USA YouTube Channel! Our videos highlight features of our sergers, sewing, embroidery and quilting machines.

Subscribers: 88,000

Views: 13,069,324

Videos: 1,108

Average Views Per Video: 11,796

Joined: Jun 25, 2009

Popular Video: How to Sew Perfect Mitered Corners

25. Sewing Report

Making sewing + crafts fun and approachable. Beginner friendly sewing tips + tutorials, quilting, sewing + embroidery machines, product reviews, relevant industry news + interviews.

Subscribers: 97,600

Views: 7,278,823

Videos: 481

Average Views Per Video: 15,133

Joined: Feb 11, 2016

Popular Video: Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine ✔️ Basics + Review | SEWING REPORT

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