How to Stream KIRO 7 News Live for Free (6 Ways)

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If you want to stream KIRO 7 news live broadcasts for free, there are multiple ways to catch up on the latest local news without paying a cent. 

In this article, we’ll explore this question and learn more about:

  • 6 different ways to stream KIRO 7 News for free
  • Additional information about the KIRO 7 station.

Read on before the primetime news coverage starts!

Can You Stream KIRO 7 News in Seattle for Free?

News enthusiasts and travelers, rejoice – because yes, you can live stream the KIRO 7 channel for free!

There are 5 different ways to stream KIRO 7 News live broadcasts for free.

If your preferred method involves a smart TV device or over-the-air antenna, you might need to make a one-off purchase. However, there are alternate methods to watch KIRO 7 News completely for free and without needing to make any purchases.

How to Stream KIRO 7 News Live Broadcasts for Free

The most direct way to watch Kiro 7 News is through its website. Several other methods exist as well if you prefer to watch through something other than your web browser.

1. KIRO 7 News Website

If you head to the official KIRO News website, you can watch the channel’s live stream at:

Most of KIRO 7’s news broadcasts can be watched live for free. Other programs, such as national news, international news, and other talk shows you might be interested in are also available.

Apart from the regular broadcasts, KIRO 7’s official site also hosts clips of specific news items and allows you to watch recent broadcasts.

2. Tubi App

Another great way to easily stream KIRO 7 for free is to download the Tubi app or visit in your browser. With the Tubi, you can watch KIRO 7 from your browser, phone, and even on a Smart TV.

You can download the Tubi app on your phone whether you have an Android or iPhone. To do so, simply visit the App Store or Google Store, search for Tubi, and download it for free. There’s no subscription required.

The KIRO 7 stream is available on Tubi by searching for KIRO 7 or going to the KIRO 7 page at:

3. Roku KIRO 7 Channel

Another option for streaming KIRO 7 news for free is through the KIRO 7 Roku Channel on a Roku device. 

If you’re using Roku TV or Roku device, look for the KIRO 7 channel on the ROKU store. This channel gives you access to different live daily shows from the news station and even replay their latest broadcasts. 

Viewers who love to watch on their Smart TVs will be able to make the most out of this option. 

4. NewsON App

The NewsON app can be utilized on various devices to access multiple local news broadcasts without charge, including KIRO 7.

The main advantage of NewsON is that it’s a cross-platform app available on your Android smartphone, iPhone, and smart TV.

On your phone, install the NewsON app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Search for KIRO from within the app, and you’ll be able to live stream KIRO 7 news.

Samsung Smart TV and Amazon’s Fire TV also support NewsOn, so feel free to explore the option if you have one of those devices. If you like to keep things simple and hassle-free, you can even visit the NewsON site to watch KIRO’s live streams on your browser. 

5. KIRO 7 News Mobile App

KIRO 7 has a dedicated mobile app for both iPhones and Android devices. 

The KIRO 7 News app is available for download from both the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. You will be able to watch live streams of the latest news from your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad.

Since this is a dedicated app, KIRO 7 News Mobile can send you notifications about breaking news and other alerts. If you’re on the go, the app even provides you with real-time weather data and traffic information.

KIRO 7 mobile app

6. Free Trial of Streaming Service with Live TV

If you want to stream live local news broadcasts and other features like local live sports games, then you could try a free trial of a streaming service like DirecTV Stream. DirecTV Stream allows you to watch all your local news channels and many more traditional cable channels like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, FX, AMC, and HGTV.

Other streaming services with live channels and a free trial include YouTube TV and FuboTV. Just make sure to cancel before the free trial expires if you don’t want to pay the monthly subscription fee.

You could also try a trial of Paramount Plus Premium which includes the local CBS news station based on your location (if you are near Seattle the local CBS station is KIRO 7). Paramount Plus Premium is pretty affordable at $9.99 per month.

Over the Air TV

KIRO 7 is one of the many available channels for those with an over-the-air TV antenna.

An over-the-air TV antenna can be used to catch broadcasts from local TV stations for free. However, for this method to work, you’ll need to be located around Seattle and live relatively close to the station’s transmitter.

Once your antenna is set up, just use your TV’s built-in tuner to find the KIRO 7 channel. In regard to the station’s technical details, its virtual channel number is 7 while its RF channel number is 23.

Note that this method isn’t completely free unless you already have an antenna. In the long run, however, relying on over-the-air TV is low-cost and is just as easy to use as cable TV.

About KIRO 7 News Seattle

KIRO 7 News is a prominent television news station based in Seattle, Washington, known for its reliable reporting, comprehensive coverage, and deep-rooted community involvement. 

As a CBS affiliate owned by Cox Media Group, KIRO TV has established itself as a go-to source for local, national, and international news in the Pacific Northwest. 

Key Takeaways

There are multiple ways to live stream the KIRO 7 News channel’s broadcasts for free.

You can watch it directly on the KIRO 7 News website through a web browser. However, if you’d prefer another device, it’s also possible to use the Tubi app, the NewsON app, the Roku channel for KIRO 7, or the dedicated KIRO 7 mobile app.

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