How to Stream KUSA 9NEWS Denver Live for Free (4 Ways)

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Looking to catch up with the latest news about traffic, live sports, weather, or what’s happening locally? If so, then streaming the KUSA 9NEWS live broadcast for free is the perfect solution. 

KUSA is a local network and television station in Denver, Colorado, associated with NBC. Since its first broadcast, KUSA 9NEWS has become the go-to channel to stream breaking news and stay informed regarding the local area.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about streaming KUSA 9NEWS for free, including:

  • 3 different methods available for free streaming
  • Important information about the KUSA 9NEWS station.

Excited to learn more? Let’s dive right in!

Can You Stream KUSA 9NEWS Live for Free?

Yes, you can – and the good news is that there are various ways to do so, allowing you to watch the news in whatever way you want. 

How, exactly? Keep reading to find the easiest ways to catch up with the news completely free of charge. 

1. KUSA 9NEWS Website

If you have an electronic device with a solid Wi-Fi connection and some spare time, you can easily watch the live stream for KUSA 9NEWS for free through its official website:

All you need to do is access the link to the site and it should take you straight to live news that you can’t miss.

Streaming through the KUSA 9NEWS website is easy, convenient, and hassle-free, making it arguably the most appealing option for catching up on the latest updates.

2. Tubi App

Do you want to stream the news whenever and wherever you are? Another great way to easily stream KUSA 9NEWS for free is to download the Tubi app. With the Tubi app, you can watch KUSA 9NEWS from your browser, phone, and even on a Smart TV.

You can download the Tubi app on your phone whether you have an Android or iPhone. To do so, simply visit the App Store or Google Store, search for Tubi, and download it for free. There’s no subscription required.

If you want to stick to a browser, simply visit Tubi’s official website. Viewers from the US will then be able to find KUSA 9NEWS on their home screen. 

However, there may be instances when the live stream doesn’t show up immediately when using your browser. 

To resolve this, simply search for KUSA 9NEWS and the live streaming channel should be the first result. Alternatively, you can also directly access the live-streaming channel by following this Tubi link.

3. Roku 9NEWS Channel

Watching content on a device other than your computer is an extremely convenient way to stay up to date. As such, one of the great options for live streaming KUSA 9NEWS for free is through Roku TV.

If you’re using Roku TV, look for the 9NEWS channel on the ROKU store. This channel gives you access to different live daily shows from the news station and even replay their latest broadcasts. 

Viewers who love to watch on their Smart TVs will be able to make the most out of this option. 

4. NewsOn App

Frequently on the go, but still want to be in on all the breaking news? You can watch 9NEWS live on the NewsOn app.

Download the NewsOn app on devices such as your smart TV and your Android or iPhone so that you don’t miss out.

The NewsOn app is free and allows you to live stream and replay broadcasts from approximately 200 stations across the US, making it an excellent option for news junkies who want access to a variety of channels. 

Another Option: Over the Air TV

If you’d rather stick to the basics and watch the news the old-fashioned way, then watching KUSA 9NEWS on over-the-air TV is the way to go. All you need to do for this is a TV and a digital antenna.

The best thing about this option is that you don’t need to engage with expensive cable companies to watch KUSA 9NEWS. Simply tune in to the channel using your antenna and wait for the live broadcast.

About KUSA 9NEWS Denver

From its humble beginnings, KUSA 9 NEWS has been establishing its integrity and reputation since it first aired in 1952. 

Tegna owns KUSA, and although it’s an NBC affiliate, the station also carries news from CBS and ABC.

Apart from the latest news and weather forecasts, you can also watch entertaining daily talk shows at KUSA 9NEWS. 

For decades, the channel has dominated the ratings in Denver – making it a favorite among news enthusiasts. KUSA 9NEWS’s current slogan is: “The 9NEWS Networks, Where News Comes First”.

Key Takeaways

Whether you prefer to be informed through the KUSA 9NEWS website, Tubi app, or on traditional TV, you’ll have plenty of options to watch the live stream of KUSA 9NEWS for free to stay up to date.

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