67 Best Tesla YouTube Channels of 2023

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We searched YouTube to curate this list of the best Tesla YouTube channels for people who want to stay informed of the latest Tesla news and learn from the experience of Tesla owners and enthusiasts. These Tesla YouTubers share their experience and reviews of Tesla models and provide insightful commentary on new features and rumors. This list is ranked in order of popularity based on the highest subscriber count. Email us suggestions at [email protected].

1. Tesla

Electric cars, giant batteries and solar. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Subscribers: 2,370,000

Views: 240,835,447

Videos: 297

Average Views Per Video: 810,894

Joined: Dec 8, 2006

Popular Video: Tesla introduces ticket-avoidance-mode for Model S.

2. Jack Massey Welsh

Videos about my Tesla model 3

Subscribers: 613,000

Views: 73,723,991

Videos: 141

Average Views Per Video: 522,866

Joined: Jan 14, 2019

Popular Video: What happens if you fall asleep with Tesla Autopilot?

3. Now You Know

Now You Know is a educational technology YouTube channel creating unique videos on everything from Tesla and other electric cars, to vermicomposting and banana ice cream.

Subscribers: 327,000

Views: 83,009,145

Videos: 1,332

Average Views Per Video: 62,320

Joined: Oct 23, 2015

Popular Video: China is Coming: Observations from an Expert | In Depth

4. The Tesla Space

Welcome to the Tesla Space, where we share the latest news, rumors, and insights into all things Tesla, Space X, Elon Musk related and whatever else we think is interesting.

Subscribers: 306,000

Views: 48,410,095

Videos: 369

Average Views Per Video: 131,193

Joined: Jul 15, 2020

Popular Video: The Real Reason Tesla Developed The Giga Press!

5. Andy Slye

My videos explore the latest technology that makes life more efficient by saving time, money, or energy.

Subscribers: 284,000

Views: 77,649,781

Videos: 282

Average Views Per Video: 275,354

Joined: Feb 24, 2014

Popular Video: Tesla Model 3 Review: The TRUTH After 26,000 Miles

6. Ryan Shaw

Tesla, Tech & More

Subscribers: 232,000

Views: 69,738,393

Videos: 375

Average Views Per Video: 185,970

Joined: Nov 1, 2019

Popular Video: Tesla 2021 Buyer’s Guide | Model S, 3, X, Y

7. Tesla Daily

News on Tesla Motors, Tesla Energy, Tesla Solar, and Tesla Network is discussed in a concise and consistent manner, making it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest from Tesla.

Subscribers: 229,000

Views: 65,706,646

Videos: 857

Average Views Per Video: 76,671

Joined: Nov 27, 2019

Popular Video: Jim Cramer & Rob Maurer Discuss TSLA Stock, Elon Musk, Tesla’s Battery Day, and Tesla’s Advantages

8. Kim Java

I’m an electric vehicle expert, and our family has owned 5 EVs over the past 15 years. I love making YouTube videos about all things Tesla, EVs and solar.

Subscribers: 177,000

Views: 40,909,716

Videos: 387

Average Views Per Video: 105,710

Joined: Feb 7, 2016

Popular Video: Model X Key Fob Hidden Features

9. Tesla Flex

Videos with the 2023 Model 3 Performance & other EVs to come

Subscribers: 175,000

Views: 258,610,777

Videos: 984

Average Views Per Video: 262,816

Joined: Sep 6, 2021

Popular Video: Tesla Doesn’t Tell You This About the 2022/2023 Model 3 & Model Y!

10. TMIO Tesla

My goal is to bring value to your portfolio by augmenting your understanding of Tesla. I provide my thoughts on the company combined with research, news, analysis, and other information.

Subscribers: 110,000

Views: 25,774,870

Videos: 252

Average Views Per Video: 102,282

Joined: Oct 19, 2019

Popular Video: What Elon Musk JUST Said About Joe Biden’s Plan

11. Tesla Driver

Tesla Driver Videos Covering Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Roadster 2, Autopilot, Autosteer, TACC, Full Self Driving, New Tesla Update Testing & Features.

Subscribers: 102,000

Views: 21,197,065

Videos: 151

Average Views Per Video: 140,378

Joined: Mar 25, 2014

Popular Video: Smart Summon isn’t smart in the UK… I was shocked! | Tesla Model 3 V10.2 Update 2019

12. Dirty Tesla

Adventures with my Tesla!

Subscribers: 97,000

Views: 30,448,247

Videos: 570

Average Views Per Video: 53,418

Joined: Apr 22, 2017

Popular Video: Tesla’s SELF DRIVING Beta Avoids Deer At Night on Dirt Roads | Also Drives Without Headlights!

13. DÆrik

TeslaInventory is my channel about my Teslas and my experience with them.

Subscribers: 88,100

Views: 27,406,699

Videos: 780

Average Views Per Video: 35,137

Joined: Jun 20, 2016

Popular Video: Unboxing Every Tesla Diecast Model!

14. BestInTESLA

Want to help Tesla getting the real news out there, to fight all the shortsellers, and wrong news that are coming out, because some people want to hurt Tesla, so they can earn more money.

Subscribers: 87,100

Views: 21,665,631

Videos: 682

Average Views Per Video: 31,768

Joined: Apr 24, 2019

Popular Video: Tesla WON | Tesla just made their Checkmate move | No one can stop them now


Subscribers: 72,600

Views: 13,819,906

Videos: 201

Average Views Per Video: 68,756

Joined: Jan 20, 2020

Popular Video: Which is the KING of 2023 heavy trucks? Mack Anthem Diesel Truck Vs. Tesla Electric Semi?

16. i1Tesla

We have changed our name back to i1 as I do way more Tesla content.

Subscribers: 63,400

Views: 19,207,014

Videos: 830

Average Views Per Video: 23,141

Joined: Jun 26, 2009

Popular Video: Will Tesla Stop For a Person ? #model3

17. Sean Mitchell – All Things EV

My channel is about documenting my journey as a Tesla owner and the popularity of Electric Vehicles.

Subscribers: 56,500

Views: 11,892,784

Videos: 398

Average Views Per Video: 29,882

Joined: Nov 2, 2006

Popular Video: Do I recommend Tesla after 227K miles (365K km)?

18. Farzad Mesbahi

Subscribers: 53,800

Views: 9,897,635

Videos: 566

Average Views Per Video: 17,487

Joined: Apr 19, 2006

Popular Video: Teslas Are Now CHEAPER Than Toyotas (Seriously)

19. Frugal Tesla Guy

Subscribers: 49,200

Views: 6,577,362

Videos: 233

Average Views Per Video: 28,230

Joined: Sep 19, 2018

Popular Video: What I Discovered After Reading the Owner’s Manual

20. Tesla Economist

Analyzing and estimating what will happen to Tesla as a company in the future, along with associated financials, namely profits and stock price.

Subscribers: 47,000

Views: 11,912,427

Videos: 826

Average Views Per Video: 14,422

Joined: Nov 25, 2020

Popular Video: Ford In Face of Bankruptcy

21. Tesla Raj

Just trying to educate the community around Tesla and create enjoyable content.

Subscribers: 44,400

Views: 7,111,840

Videos: 196

Average Views Per Video: 36,285

Joined: Dec 23, 2016

Popular Video: Do not buy the Tesla Wall Connector!

22. Third Row Tesla

The Third Row Crew is a team of highly passionate Tesla fans, bringing you a panel discussion of Tesla topics every week.

Subscribers: 41,100

Views: 2,600,851

Videos: 23

Average Views Per Video: 113,081

Joined: Nov 28, 2019

Popular Video: Third Row Tesla Podcast – Episode 7 – Elon Musk’s Story – Director’s Cut

23. Tesla Intelligence UK

Tesla Intelligence UK aims to provide channel subscribers with the latest Elon Musk interviews, presentations, recordings and speeches.

Subscribers: 35,000

Views: 2,444,425

Videos: 14

Average Views Per Video: 174,602

Joined: Jun 8, 2020

Popular Video: Full New Elon Musk Interview. Ron Baron Conference Nov 2022. With Timestamps.

24. Shiva Sapkota

We review Tesla Accessories, Electric Bikes, and Electric Scooters in this channel.

Subscribers: 31,300

Views: 3,840,641

Videos: 206

Average Views Per Video: 18,644

Joined: Feb 8, 2012

Popular Video: NEW Apple CarPlay Display For Tesla Model 3 & Model Y – Instrument Cluster 2021

25. Mike Seuss Tesla

Tesla Content, Tesla Reviews, Tesla News, & More!

Subscribers: 30,900

Views: 2,969,017

Videos: 61

Average Views Per Video: 48,673

Joined: Mar 23, 2021

Popular Video: 13 MUST HAVE Tesla Model 3 Accessories and 9 you’ll WANT to buy

26. Black Tesla

Insightful thoughts on our amazing Black Tesla’s and the company that is changing the world!

Subscribers: 29,900

Views: 5,944,298

Videos: 227

Average Views Per Video: 26,187

Joined: Sep 21, 2016

Popular Video: Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta VS New York City

27. Gruber Motor Company

We will show you historical Tesla vehicles, how-to guides for more simple fixes you can do from your garage and updates on Tesla technology and how it affects all of us, the drivers!

Subscribers: 29,800

Views: 3,055,901

Videos: 395

Average Views Per Video: 7,737

Joined: Mar 23, 2020

Popular Video: As Teslas Age | Gruber Motors

28. Brighter with Herbert

Covering Tesla and other innovative companies.

Subscribers: 26,700

Views: 2,117,721

Videos: 164

Average Views Per Video: 12,913

Joined: Oct 24, 2012

Popular Video: We’ve torn down over 100 cars (Here are Tesla advantages) | Cory Steuben Munro and Associates

29. T Sportline – Tesla Upgrades & Accessories

T Sportline is proud to be the World’s First Tesla Tuner. We manufacture accessories for the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X & Tesla Model Y.

Subscribers: 22,400

Views: 5,284,152

Videos: 364

Average Views Per Video: 14,517

Joined: May 23, 2013

Popular Video: T Largo #7: Tesla Model X P100D Wide Body Package with Custom Lamborghini Orange Leather Interior

30. Tesla Tech Central

Welcome to Tesla Tech Central, where we share the latest news, rumors, and insights into all things Tesla, Space X, Elon Musk related and whatever else we think is interesting.

Subscribers: 22,100

Views: 1,999,180

Videos: 292

Average Views Per Video: 6,847

Joined: Jul 18, 2021

Popular Video: GAME OVER! Tesla Employee Leaks An INCREDIBLE Update On The Tesla Cybertruck & Roadster!

31. Tesla Joy

I share my Tesla Model 3 owner experience to help recent new owners learn about this amazing car and help future owners make an informed decision on their Tesla purchases.

Subscribers: 20,300

Views: 2,838,411

Videos: 212

Average Views Per Video: 13,389

Joined: Sep 21, 2018

Popular Video: Why Did This Tesla Owner Switch to Lucid Air?

32. Evan Michiels

My passion turned into a hobby by creating a youtube channel to help educate anyone wanting to know more about Tesla.

Subscribers: 19,000

Views: 3,836,907

Videos: 127

Average Views Per Video: 30,212

Joined: Feb 21, 2017

Popular Video: More Cool Accessories❗️Tesla Model 3 🔥 Model Y 🚗 New and Current

33. Tesla Mania

This channel is covering all the latest news, insights and rumors related to Tesla Company.

Subscribers: 18,200

Views: 6,457,791

Videos: 59

Average Views Per Video: 109,455

Joined: Dec 18, 2020

Popular Video: UNBEATABLE! The New 2022 Tesla Model X Plaid is INCREDIBLE!

34. Matt Pocius on Tesla Stock & Money

Daily Tesla stock, Elon Musk, EV & investing news as well as occasional video about money.

Subscribers: 15,000

Views: 4,901,111

Videos: 613

Average Views Per Video: 7,996

Joined: Dec 30, 2021

Popular Video: Cathie: once in a CENTURY opportunity. Now is the best time to buy (Tesla stock)

35. Tesla Stock

Tesla Stock Is THE Channel Where You Can Get All your DAILY Tesla Stock (TSLA) Information!

Subscribers: 14,400

Views: 3,257,948

Videos: 422

Average Views Per Video: 7,721

Joined: Sep 13, 2021

Popular Video: Warren Buffett: Tesla Stock Will Reach $10,000!


We’re Tesla owners and enthusiasts who create videos focused on helping you customize, protect, and maintain your Tesla.

Subscribers: 14,100

Views: 2,901,924

Videos: 350

Average Views Per Video: 8,292

Joined: May 26, 2018

Popular Video: A Step-by-Step Guide on Installing your Tesla Charger (Gen 2)

37. Tesla In The Gong

I love EVs, clean sustainable energy and most of all I am an ardent Tesla enthusiast and hence the name of the channel

Subscribers: 12,800

Views: 823,079

Videos: 350

Average Views Per Video: 2,352

Joined: Jul 4, 2018

Popular Video: No Baby Cybertruck for Australia and Elon Replies “Sure”

38. Because Tesla

This channel follows my journey to explore the world of electric vehicles, and in particular, Teslas.

Subscribers: 10,800

Views: 2,195,420

Videos: 176

Average Views Per Video: 12,474

Joined: Mar 21, 2019

Popular Video: Tesla Model 3 – Why I don’t use a USB stick to record Dashcam and Sentry Mode! -CC’d English/Spanish

39. Ride the Lightning Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

Subscribers: 10,400

Views: 897,230

Videos: 411

Average Views Per Video: 2,184

Joined: May 2, 2016

Popular Video: Episode 200: My Elon Musk Interview

40. Tesla Trip

This Channel will be updated weekly with Tesla Motors News, Videos of new features, Live events, Tips and Tricks.

Subscribers: 9,800

Views: 4,463,966

Videos: 236

Average Views Per Video: 18,916

Joined: Feb 13, 2016

Popular Video: Model X Towing a Chevy Silverado Truck out of a Supercharger Station

41. Tesla tmrw.

Our mission is to provide up-to-date news and analysis regarding Tesla stock performance so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Subscribers: 8,970

Views: 1,494,191

Videos: 254

Average Views Per Video: 5,883

Joined: Nov 18, 2021

Popular Video: Leo Koguan: Tesla Billionaire talks $5000 a share plan with Elon Musk!

42. Mother Frunker

Any and everything Tesla youtube channel.

Subscribers: 8,170

Views: 2,020,679

Videos: 410

Average Views Per Video: 4,929

Joined: Apr 11, 2013

Popular Video: Tesla No Sound Fix: No Music, Signal Clicks, Autopilot Sounds

43. That Tesla Channel

That Tesla Channel is a Website and YouTube channel dedicated to sharing the most helpful Tesla related content for current, or future, Tesla owners.

Subscribers: 7,990

Views: 1,184,116

Videos: 28

Average Views Per Video: 42,290

Joined: Sep 16, 2019

Popular Video: What Its Like Living With A Tesla Model 3

44. RPM’s TESLA Accessories

We manufacture TESLA self-Installing after market accessories.

Subscribers: 7,380

Views: 2,118,142

Videos: 405

Average Views Per Video: 5,230

Joined: Jan 13, 2015

Popular Video: Wireless RGB LED Light Upgade Kit

45. Iowa Tesla Guy

My channel covers a wide range of topics including product reviews, FSD Beta drives, road trip videos and general tips and tricks and anything else that might be helpful to new and seasoned Tesla owners.

Subscribers: 7,280

Views: 1,189,713

Videos: 167

Average Views Per Video: 7,125

Joined: Nov 14, 2020

Popular Video: Tesla Home Charging Options

46. Tesla Torque

Your one stop shop for your Tesla Model 3 needs, or any Tesla and updates from a UK perspective!

Subscribers: 7,040

Views: 1,312,445

Videos: 53

Average Views Per Video: 24,764

Joined: May 29, 2020

Popular Video: Top 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying A Tesla Model 3

47. Tesla Bite-Sized

Tesla Bite-Sized

Subscribers: 6,580

Views: 5,279,112

Videos: 91

Average Views Per Video: 58,013

Joined: May 11, 2021

Popular Video: Bill Gates on Tesla Semi!!

48. Tesla Tips & Trips

Your place for Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Tips of all kinds, Plus we love taking Tesla Road Trips!

Subscribers: 5,970

Views: 2,282,344

Videos: 254

Average Views Per Video: 8,986

Joined: May 5, 2020

Popular Video: Tesla Tint Guide: Roof, Percentage, Window Cracks, Ceramic and more

49. Tesla Motors Club

Tesla Motors Club is an online community of Tesla enthusiasts and owners.

Subscribers: 5,780

Views: 1,025,814

Videos: 134

Average Views Per Video: 7,656

Joined: Sep 1, 2013

Popular Video: TMC Test Ride in the Tesla Model 3

50. Tesla Global

All things automotive. Focusing on Tesla and the future of Electric Vehicles.

Subscribers: 5,450

Views: 967,272

Videos: 702

Average Views Per Video: 1,378

Joined: Jan 25, 2021

Popular Video: Cybertruck Redesign and Production Process (Tesla News Updated)

51. Tesla Gurus

Tesla Gurus is a group of UK Tesla owners and enthusiasts. We’re here to provide tips, tricks, investigations, explanations and answers to many common and not so common questions we’re often asked.

Subscribers: 5,410

Views: 347,858

Videos: 21

Average Views Per Video: 16,565

Joined: Dec 3, 2020

Popular Video: How to fix your fogged up Tesla tail lights

52. Tall Tesla Guy

As a product, specialty, DIY and certainly a Tesla enthusiast I am here to help you make informed buying decisions, and add a little humor along the way.

Subscribers: 5,130

Views: 1,130,322

Videos: 319

Average Views Per Video: 3,544

Joined: Aug 17, 2011

Popular Video: 2022 Tesla Model Y 5 NEW Features

53. Tesla Model News

I’ll SHARE with you interesting News and Information I find on Tesla vehicles!

Subscribers: 3,870

Views: 726,504

Videos: 303

Average Views Per Video: 2,398

Joined: May 18, 2019

Popular Video: Tesla Model Y MUSTANG MACH-E [Side-by-Side]

54. It’s Only Electric (Tech & Tesla Sweden)

It’s Only Electric is a Swedish channel on Englisgh about electric vehicles, mostly reviews and more detailed elements regards electric vehicles.

Subscribers: 3,470

Views: 738,275

Videos: 72

Average Views Per Video: 10,254

Joined: Nov 12, 2011

Popular Video: Tesla Model Y 2023 updates – No parking sensors! Can tesla vision fill the gap?

55. Adam Wellinformed

I’ll show you how it is to live with my electric car, the Tesla Model 3. Talk about all things Tesla and electric cars.

Subscribers: 3,120

Views: 725,297

Videos: 109

Average Views Per Video: 6,655

Joined: Jun 8, 2020

Popular Video: My Tesla Model 3 Gaming Upgrade You NEED To Try

56. Mal Back Talking Tesla

On this YouTube channel you can see videos about my Tesla Model 3 and Tesla cars in general. I test the Tesla’s features like Autopilot and demonstrate new software updates immediately they’re released.

Subscribers: 3,080

Views: 391,081

Videos: 174

Average Views Per Video: 2,248

Joined: Jul 8, 2021

Popular Video: How To Fix Tesla Phone Key Problems With your Mobile Phone

57. Super Tesla

Hello World welcome to Super Tesla with your host Brian join me on my journey with my Tesla Model 3.

Subscribers: 3,040

Views: 1,272,356

Videos: 92

Average Views Per Video: 13,830

Joined: Dec 27, 2017

Popular Video: Tesla Model 3 2019 Q2 Black Interior Tour

58. Tesla Straya

Doing my little bit to create a sustainable world for us all to live in

Subscribers: 2,590

Views: 332,512

Videos: 152

Average Views Per Video: 2,188

Joined: May 1, 2019

Popular Video: CHARGING TESLA AT HOME! How I charge my Model 3 using nothing but Solar and Tesla Powerwall 2’s!

59. Tesla Ho

A little background story, ever since I’ve test drove my friends Model S back in 2013… I was obsessed with Tesla’s.

Subscribers: 2,540

Views: 553,236

Videos: 113

Average Views Per Video: 4,896

Joined: Sep 11, 2020

Popular Video: 2021 Tesla Model Y Tips and Tricks

60. Rats Tesla & Tech

On Rats Tesla I do my best to make sure that you understand what it is like to own a Tesla on a day-to-day basis.

Subscribers: 2,530

Views: 216,810

Videos: 113

Average Views Per Video: 1,919

Joined: Mar 17, 2015

Popular Video: Model Y Performance Delivery Day – Rat’s Tesla

61. TechGeek Tesla

My goal is to highlight the autonomous (Full Self Driving) driving features as Tesla releases them to the public to help keep all of my friends and followers informed!

Subscribers: 2,500

Views: 364,975

Videos: 141

Average Views Per Video: 2,589

Joined: Apr 26, 2020

Popular Video: Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Ignores Child & Plows Right Into Them

62. Tesla Family Channel

Most of my Videos are on the topic of my Tesla, Supercharging and my Solar Panels but I also talk about Autopilot, Electric Road Trips, Tesla Accessories, Battery-powered Tools and Electric Motorcycles.

Subscribers: 2,410

Views: 525,081

Videos: 160

Average Views Per Video: 3,282

Joined: Mar 15, 2019

Popular Video: Installing a NEMA 14-50 Outlet to Charge my Tesla for Less Than $61!

63. Tesla11ven

The main goal of this channel is to help you learn more about Tesla electric vehicles in this new digital age.

Subscribers: 2,320

Views: 357,303

Videos: 114

Average Views Per Video: 3,135

Joined: Aug 28, 2013

Popular Video: How to SAFELY replace your Tesla Model 3 air filters 10 minutes – The Easy Way

64. Tesla Charged

We own a Tesla Model 3 and want to sharing our experience with owning a Tesla.

Subscribers: 2,240

Views: 514,384

Videos: 85

Average Views Per Video: 6,052

Joined: Jan 2, 2020

Popular Video: Tesla Model 3 – Salvaged – Rebuild – P1

65. Northern Tesla

Subscribe for Tesla news and latest car updates as well as buying guides and product reviews and real world testing.

Subscribers: 2,130

Views: 390,701

Videos: 129

Average Views Per Video: 3,029

Joined: Mar 9, 2020

Popular Video: Tesla Mobile Connector VS Wall Connector | 2022 Update

66. Tesla Vibes

Tesla Vibes tells you all the news about TESLA. On this channel you will find the latest news and rumors about TESLA.

Subscribers: 2,030

Views: 416,403

Videos: 99

Average Views Per Video: 4,207

Joined: Aug 18, 2021

Popular Video: Elon Musk – Germany Will Destroy Us

67. SD Tesla

Loving my Tesla Model 3 Performance and sharing information about it with you.

Subscribers: 1,840

Views: 359,395

Videos: 67

Average Views Per Video: 5,365

Joined: Dec 16, 2018

Popular Video: 7 things I wish I knew before buying Tesla Solar

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