What True Crime Shows Can You Watch On Peacock?

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The rush of trying to solve a mystery on TV is exciting and thrilling. True crime shows are not for everyone, but they can be addictive once you start. The best place to watch true crime is on one of the streaming sites, such as Peacock. If you have the service or are considering subscribing, you might wonder what true crime shows you can watch on Peacock.  

Peacock airs several true crime shows like The Case of Caylee Anthony, Prime Crime, Dr. Death, Snapped, Preaching Evil, A Friend of the Family, Perfect World, Sins Of The Amish, and The Hillside Strangler. Peacock has live channels like Dateline 24/7 and Classic TV Crime, which air true crime shows.  

It could be morbid curiosity, relief that you are not the victim, using it as escape TV, simply enjoying the riveting storytelling, or needing that adrenaline rush. If you are invested in psychological thrillers and solving eerie murder mysteries, check out these ten must-watch true crime shows on Peacock.  

Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies  

The three-part docuseries of Casey Anthony on Peacock is bound to get you on the edge of your couch and start questioning everything you thought was the truth. It is based on the docuseries “The Case of Caylee Anthony.” Casey’s two-year-old daughter goes missing for six months and is found dead. Casey is the prime suspect, and her behavior does not help prove her innocence. 

Where the Truth Lies comes out with Casey coming forward and finally talking about the events that transpired and how the case investigators handled the situation at the time. She gets to discuss her side of the story, and the documentary encourages viewers to look at perspectives from all angles and question any previous opinions. 

Prime Crime 

Thirty-three episodes of this high-profile crime stories series are available on-demand to stream on Peacock. The hit show was released on the site in 2021 and added ten new episodes in 2022, and viewers are certainly thrilled. The series focuses on controversial cases from the courtroom that have had the world invested from the get-go. 

The unique concept of this series is the original videos of each case, the police interrogation tapes, bodycam footage, 911 calls, and scenes from inside the court trials. Prime Crime will get you binging all 33 episodes over one weekend through its nail-biting cases. 

Dr. Death 

Dr. Death is a Peacock original true crime drama series. It was inspired by the same name podcast from 2018. The story involves a real-life surgeon, Christopher Duntsch, who was sentenced to prison for life after killing almost 40 patients he operated on. The series is a version of the podcast and is slightly fictionalized. 

Watch how the doctor harms his patients causing them to wake up paralyzed, with permanent nerve damage, etc. Two of his patients even died. The series gets viewers obsessed with understanding how a man can do the opposite of what he knows he should (save lives) while other doctors work to stop him from causing further harm. 


Peacock’s live TV hosts a channel called Snapped. It has nine seasons of true crime reality, and each episode investigates a different felon. The felons are typically females convicted of murder or attempted murder, and the victim is often their partner. 

The series follows a documentary-style foundation where friends and family of the perpetrator are interviewed. Attorneys, law-enforcement officials, and others who know the case are also interviewed. There are spin-offs of the series called Killer Couples, and She Made Me Do It on Snapped. 

Preaching Evil: A Wife On The Run With Warren Jeffs

This is a new true crime series on Peacock featuring one season of four episodes. The show is based on a family who enjoyed their peaceful polygamist lifestyle away from society’s troubles until a harrowing change happened.

In Preaching Evil, the woman who accompanied Warren when he ran from the law after he gained power when his father, Rulon Jeffs, the Prophet dies, finally tells her story. It allows viewers to dwell on various opinions and question whether she was a victim or accomplice to his crimes. 

A Friend Of The Family 

Peacock streams nine episodes in the first season of this new 2022 true crime drama series. The show is based on the story of the Broberg family and their daughter Jan who was kidnapped multiple times by an obsessed family friend. The family had no idea about the manipulative tactics their neighbor could use to drive them apart and alter their lives. 

The docuseries based on true events will have you holding your breath in, unable to comprehend the happenings. The next season, A Friend of the Family: True Evil, is said to be in tracks where the victim, Jan Broberg, and her family speak up about the events that occurred through new interviews. 

Perfect World: A Deadly Game 

Whether you are a lover of gaming or not, as a true crime fan, this Peacock original docuseries will take you into a world of distress, adrenaline, and psychological escapism. It goes from a fun video game to a lethal situation when a player admits to claims to have murdered their family. 

A group of gamers tracks down the suspect, and he mentions why he did what he did, how he felt, and how he got there. The enormity of the suspect’s violence is unexpected and inconceivable. The show is thrilling, dramatic, and nauseating, yet heartbreaking and puts viewers in a position to feel empathy. 

Sins Of The Amish 

Peacock’s Sins of the Amish is a dark, eerie, psychological mind grueling two-part documentary portraying chronic sexual abuse through generational patterns in the Amish and Mennonite communities. The stories are carried through North America by interviews of victims indicating how their abuse was bizarrely similar. 

The show focuses on the Amish lifestyle and how it is a predator’s paradise covered by the dedication to a simple, humble life in devotion to God. Instead, women and children are objectified, and no one believes the victims of assault because of their inability to report crimes against the spiritual leaders in their society. 

The Hillside Strangler: Devil In Disguise 

Currently, Peacock airs one season of The Hillside Strangler in four episodes. The show follows a period from 1977-1978 and a new perspective on the killings of two victims. The perpetrators impersonated off-duty policemen to get the job done. 

The series works to investigate and examine the felon’s manipulative abilities to deceive people around him while fraudulently posing as a psychologist. Viewers can see how the man disguised the devil in him and follow the psychological analysis through the events. 


Dateline airs on Peacocks live channel, Dateline 24/7. Dateline is a true crime classic that started in 1992 and currently has 31 seasons and runs on a 24-hour loop on the streaming site. The show has an extensive archive of news stories and investigative journalism. The cases include missing people and murders. 

The channel has back-to-back Valentine’s Mysteries, Love Triangles, Greed, and Toxic Love episodes with weekend marathons to keep long-standing fans of Dateline true crime engaged and on edge. 

Homicide For The Holidays 

For true crime fans, a series like Homicide for the Holidays will be something to indulge in while the rest of the world watches Christmas romcoms in their matching PJs eating gingerbread cookies. There are five seasons for this 2016 American true crime series on Peacock. The show reminds viewers how the holiday time is not always about positivity and celebrating with friends and family. 

It documents tragedies that occurred during the holidays featuring firsthand accounts of people with friends and family killed during the holidays. While sometimes the victim is killed by a stranger, other times it is by someone close, like a sibling. 


Murder mysteries might be gruesome for some, but if you love a good psychological thriller as you have Peacock, there is an unlimited list on-demand of true crime shows you can indulge in. Remember to check out Peacock live TV for more true crime channels, on-loop series, and documentaries to satisfy your need for solving cases and get your adrenaline pumping. 

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