52 Best Van Life YouTubers of 2023 (Ranked by Popularity)

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We searched through YouTube to find the best van life YouTube channels for people interested in learning about living and traveling in a van. These van life YouTubers share their experiences and helpful advice for van life on the road. This list of van life YouTubers is ranked in order of popularity based on the highest subscriber count.

1. Eamon & Bec

we’re Eamon & Bec

Subscribers: 1,180,000

Views: 150,223,380

Videos: 361

Average Views Per Video: 416,132

Joined: Mar 15, 2014

Popular Video: VAN TOUR after 2 years living in our TINY HOUSE on wheels | Eamon & Bec

2. Kombi Life

The Original Van Life Adventure Series. Join us for the ride

Subscribers: 536,000

Views: 61,371,833

Videos: 376

Average Views Per Video: 163,223

Joined: Sep 30, 2012

Popular Video: How to see THE REAL CUBA // Hasta Alaska // S03E10

3. Jinti Fell

We are a traveling family of 4 about to embark on a trip around the world. Thanks for being here 🙂

Subscribers: 458,000

Views: 49,560,353

Videos: 162

Average Views Per Video: 305,929

Joined: May 20, 2016

Popular Video: VAN LIFE: Morning Routine Living In A Van With a Toddler

4. Nate Murphy

On this channel, I show you how to convert a van into a camper van, create tours of van conversions (for your inspiration) and share my process of doing my best to practice what I preach; using alternative ways of living so that I can live a more free and adventurous life.

Subscribers: 401,000

Views: 83,988,506

Videos: 510

Average Views Per Video: 164,684

Joined: Jan 8, 2007

Popular Video: How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!

5. Hobo Ahle

Subscribers: 353,000

Views: 23,799,093

Videos: 178

Average Views Per Video: 133,703

Joined: Dec 14, 2015

Popular Video: Solo Female Van Life: How I Shower In My Van 🛀 | Hobo Ahle

6. The Indie Projects

We’re Theo & Bee, and together with our cat Ginjey Bear we live and travel full-time in our self-converted Sprinter van!

Subscribers: 350,000

Views: 65,972,468

Videos: 548

Average Views Per Video: 120,388

Joined: Aug 8, 2014

Popular Video: Female uni student saves £1000s a year on rent! (Van Tour)

7. New Jersey Outdoor Adventures

This channel is about van life, camper van and RV walk through tours, DIY campers and motor homes. The host of the channel, Patrick Botticelli finds all these amazing creations, films and edits the videos.

Subscribers: 294,000

Views: 74,226,678

Videos: 1,025

Average Views Per Video: 72,417

Joined: Jun 8, 2013

Popular Video: Spectacular Tour Of Tiny House School Bus RV Conversion Camper


The Van Life Adventures Of Chrome n Cruz. We live full-time in a 2004 Ford E250 Extended cargo van. We are from Vancouver Canada and sharing out travels and journey with you here on youtube.

Subscribers: 262,000

Views: 88,202,366

Videos: 1,602

Average Views Per Video: 55,058

Joined: Jun 16, 2013

Popular Video: Man Living Inside a Mini Van For 18 Months And Feels Like He Is Living Large In a Small Space

9. Susi Cruz

I’m a little adventurous, curious, positive girl who has an extrem urge to travel the world to learn about culture, lifestyle and the food.

Subscribers: 217,000

Views: 19,441,699

Videos: 155

Average Views Per Video: 125,431

Joined: Apr 12, 2015

Popular Video: Last Days In Europe Before Shipping Van To Africa Vlog


Tech Product Reviews, Mobile Tech How To’s, DIY Solar Power, Off Grid Power Generation / Power Storage Solutions, Mobile Electronics / Internet, Solar Generators, Power Stations, Electric Bikes, Full Time Living Off Grid, RV / Van Life videos

Subscribers: 168,000

Views: 18,932,582

Videos: 275

Average Views Per Video: 68,846

Joined: May 7, 2017

Popular Video: ALP 1000w Propane Generator Review | Parallel Ready Eco Friendly Compact Efficient

11. The Matneys

We’re The Matney’s (Nick he/him & Aubry she/her) and for the last 4 years, we’ve been driving across the Americas in our Sprinter van, Morrison. We even made it all the way to Argentina from our home of the U.S.!

Subscribers: 129,000

Views: 11,977,787

Videos: 265

Average Views Per Video: 45,200

Joined: Oct 9, 2016

Popular Video: 1 MONTH VAN LIFE EXPENSES | how much living in a van actually costs

12. LeAw Leave Everything and Wander – Luca & Sara

We are Luca and Sara, an Italian couple of explorers and storytellers! We are the first youtube couple adventurers driving from Deadhorse Alaska to Ushuaia Argentina with an old truck camper.

Subscribers: 126,000

Views: 25,107,222

Videos: 499

Average Views Per Video: 50,316

Joined: Mar 10, 2017

Popular Video: an Life in Hierve el Agua – Oaxaca Mexico – Free Boondocking

13. Mr and Mrs Adventure

We are Brittany and Drew, husband and wife, who have been traveling the world by van for 8 years and counting! It all started with an idea to teach English in Asia, when we were offered an unused camper to explore our own country 1st!

Subscribers: 105,000

Views: 11,813,251

Videos: 309

Average Views Per Video: 38,231

Joined: Mar 21, 2013

Popular Video: INSIDE Burning Man 2019 | Something we need to explain…

14. TREAD the globe

In Jan 2020 we set set off on the ultimate van life adventure – to drive all the way around the world. After reaching the end of Turkey & with borders closed to the east we’ve made the decision to go the other way. So we’ve shipped our van to the USA.

Subscribers: 96,800

Views: 14,464,105

Videos: 582

Average Views Per Video: 24,853

Joined: Jun 27, 2017

Popular Video: Is the STREET FOOD in GAZIANTEP TURKEY Really that good?

15. AdventureVanMan

In 2014 I moved into a self converted camper van. A year later I hit the road to pursue seasonal work around the U.S. and enjoy as much time camping in nature along the way. I am currently in a 2010 GMC 10 foot box van that I build as a camper.

Subscribers: 95,200

Views: 20,704,302

Videos: 604

Average Views Per Video: 34,279

Joined: Feb 25, 2011

Popular Video: Vintage Tiny Home on Wheels – 1976 GMC Motorhome Tour

16. Element Life

I started this journey in 2016 in a self-built Honda Element camper. Since then, I’ve upgraded campers (twice), traveled across North America, and met some amazing people along the way.

Subscribers: 86,000

Views: 16,234,497

Videos: 442

Average Views Per Video: 36,730

Joined: Dec 10, 2015

Popular Video: Tour Honda Element Custom Camper Conversion

17. KiteVanMan (Alex & Amy)

Hi we are Alex & Amy!

Subscribers: 83,400

Views: 13,916,247

Videos: 185

Average Views Per Video: 75,223

Joined: Jun 25, 2017

Popular Video: Make a Van a Home!

18. Enigmatic Nomadics

I now live full-time in a school bus that I bought at a public auction and made into a camper. My channel has traveling lifestyle content as well as van build festivals, interviews of other nomads, and some how-to content on solar systems and building out your rig for full-time off-grid living.

Subscribers: 79,200

Views: 11,054,604

Videos: 420

Average Views Per Video: 26,321

Joined: Jan 18, 2015

Popular Video: His Advice WILL Change How You Build out Your Van or Bus

19. Campervan Kevin

Follow my three little Yorkies- Martini, Baby MaeMae, Tucker and I on our adventures as we travel the USA in our Promaster Campervan!

Subscribers: 69,000

Views: 23,179,077

Videos: 1,021

Average Views Per Video: 22,703

Joined: Apr 9, 2007

Popular Video: “B.O.B” The Ultimate Stealth Rv “Bug Out Bus”!

20. Life With Anthony

I’m 57 yrs old and I live in my 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan. My channel is not just about living in my minivan, but my life and how I navigate it.

Subscribers: 67,900

Views: 10,237,351

Videos: 758

Average Views Per Video: 13,506

Joined: Nov 5, 2014

Popular Video: Living In A Car | Corn Beef Hash | Grits | Sausages Breakfast

21. the exPAWers

A Vanlife travel channel.. We are Nick and Sarah a couple originally from the UK who relocated to Spain over 15 years ago.

Subscribers: 56,300

Views: 10,662,446

Videos: 376

Average Views Per Video: 28,358

Joined: Jun 23, 2017


22. HughTube

My name is Hugh and very simply I am an amateur DIY van converter looking to learn, explore and expand both my knowledge and personal experiences.

Subscribers: 43,100

Views: 6,857,899

Videos: 288

Average Views Per Video: 23,813

Joined: Sep 24, 2010

Popular Video: Super EASY 12V Camper Van ELECTRICS – How To

23. Into The Mystery 13

This channel is dedicated to living #Vanlife to the fullest!

Subscribers: 41,800

Views: 8,311,658

Videos: 483

Average Views Per Video: 17,209

Joined: Jun 10, 2014


24. Jax Austin

After quitting my job and selling everything, I’m road tripping 49 states as a daily vanlife travel vlogger. Over 4 months, I converted a retired school bus into a pimped out reclaimed wood skoolie RV.

Subscribers: 32,300

Views: 4,420,384

Videos: 585

Average Views Per Video: 7,557

Joined: Dec 23, 2006

Popular Video: The REAL LOCAL Residents of SLAB CITY Tour- (Documentary)

25. TheGalavan

Hi, I’m Joni, the creator and road guide here at TheGalavan. I help nomads and aspiring nomads discover ways to make life on the road work for them.

Subscribers: 28,300

Views: 3,773,389

Videos: 224

Average Views Per Video: 16,846

Joined: Nov 18, 2017

Popular Video: Beautiful Ford Transit Build w/ Great OVEN! thegalavan

26. Kaya Lindsay

I make tutorials on how to fix your van, I interview other women I meet on the road, and sometimes I just talk about how to connect with a larger vanlife community.

Subscribers: 26,000

Views: 4,139,778

Videos: 74

Average Views Per Video: 55,943

Joined: Apr 17, 2015

Popular Video: Sprinter Van Conversion – Full Build Out!! (timelapse)

27. Vantastic

Hi. We are a minimalist couple living happily off the grid in a tiny camper van since 2016 and we are searching for simplier life.

Subscribers: 24,300

Views: 5,622,653

Videos: 581

Average Views Per Video: 9,678

Joined: Mar 7, 2016

Popular Video: BEST VAN IN THE UNIVERSE!! 🚐😍 Van tour

28. Where’s My Office Now?

A couple and their rescue pup have lived the dream in a vintage VW Van for nearly five years, traveling America following their passions.

Subscribers: 23,400

Views: 2,391,407

Videos: 86

Average Views Per Video: 27,808

Joined: Aug 8, 2012

Popular Video: Explore Rancho Sedona RV Park in Sedona, AZ

29. CampervanCulture.com

What started off as just sharing a few short videos of me goofing around with my mates in 4×4 vans and that has some how organically grown into a successful self supporting business and trusted brand we are today.

Subscribers: 20,300

Views: 4,397,658

Videos: 209

Average Views Per Video: 21,042

Joined: Dec 23, 2006

Popular Video: Eberspacher d2 fitting

30. Static CamperVan

This channel is also intended to explain why I choose to live in a van. Also to answer why I chose my van and why I do not intend to travel, thus the name Static.

Subscribers: 19,600

Views: 2,862,019

Videos: 460

Average Views Per Video: 6,222

Joined: Apr 11, 2008

Popular Video: Man Lives Six Years in a Minivan – Ram ProMaster City Self Built Campervan

31. BeyondTheVan

I’m Richard and I’m here sharing with you my full time living and working on the road with my Border Collie, Ted, in my self converted LDV Convoy home on wheels!

Subscribers: 16,100

Views: 1,991,105

Videos: 64

Average Views Per Video: 31,112

Joined: Jun 9, 2016

Popular Video: Renault Kangoo Micro Camper #2 VAN TOUR – BeyondTheVan

32. Vanlife Sheldon’s Travels

Hello, welcome to our channel. Come along as Sheldon our turtle explores the US.

Subscribers: 14,100

Views: 1,840,577

Videos: 765

Average Views Per Video: 2,406

Joined: Dec 4, 2011


33. Explorer Buddies

We sold Florence and purchased Atlas, a bigger van. We quit our jobs, sold everything, and hit the road full time.

Subscribers: 12,900

Views: 1,090,032

Videos: 71

Average Views Per Video: 15,353

Joined: Aug 24, 2014

Popular Video: CAMP QUIRKY 2019 UK Self Build Camper Van Festival

34. From Rust to Roadtrip

Two young travellers exploring Europe and beyond in their t(rusty) old LDV Convoy van. Creating travelogues, filming documentaries, meeting locals, searching for hot springs and pushing our rusty old van to its limits.

Subscribers: 12,200

Views: 1,439,676

Videos: 106

Average Views Per Video: 13,582

Joined: Nov 15, 2016

Popular Video: NATURAL HOT SPRINGS in the Pyrenees!|Vanlife Vlog Ep. 13

35. Luke’s Van Life!

In 2017, un-skilled I attempted my first self build camper van conversion and travelled to Europe in the van. Somewhere during the process of building/vlogging/travelling I became addicted!

Subscribers: 11,300

Views: 1,297,810

Videos: 272

Average Views Per Video: 4,772

Joined: Dec 5, 2015

Popular Video: How to use a Chinese diesel heater!! (part two)

36. Westfalia Digital Nomads

Hi, we’re Armando and Mel, an Italian videographer and an American writer. We’ve been living in a van (our T4 VW Westfalia named Mork) and traveling Europe since 2012.

Subscribers: 9,960

Views: 1,473,340

Videos: 428

Average Views Per Video: 3,443

Joined: Aug 2, 2013

Popular Video: VANLIFERS: Portrait of an Alternative Lifestyle (Subs: EN-FR-ES-DE-IT) Full Movie

37. Evie Nova

I got rid of (almost) everything I owned, bought a van, and decided to follow my dream which is traveling the country and the world, documenting every step of the way (bad and good).

Subscribers: 9,320

Views: 1,356,811

Videos: 236

Average Views Per Video: 5,750

Joined: Dec 20, 2016



Video series of our DIY Self build Camper Van / Camper Van Upgrades upon my 2005 Iveco Daily LWB Van & Off Grid Workshop Build.

Subscribers: 9,150

Views: 912,821

Videos: 59

Average Views Per Video: 15,472

Joined: Apr 25, 2014

Popular Video: How to do a Timing Belt and Water Pump Change on the F1A 2.3-litre Iveco Daily Engine.

39. Torin by the Ocean

This channel will be a vlog of my day to day activities. Its main focus will be about my experiences and thoughts about living in a stealth cargo van which I will be building into my home.

Subscribers: 7,470

Views: 2,314,009

Videos: 478

Average Views Per Video: 4,842

Joined: Nov 27, 2014

Popular Video: Truck Camper Thoughts and Why I Will Likely Never Buy From a Dealership.

40. Shuttle Babe -Beachcricket

This channel is about My Life Living and Traveling On The Road In My Shuttle Bus. I travel in a 1989 Shuttle Bus named “Shuttle Babe”with my Girl Pup RILEY!

Subscribers: 7,280

Views: 1,474,022

Videos: 1,282

Average Views Per Video: 1,150

Joined: Feb 5, 2010


41. Nomads Around Australia

Looking inside the way inspiring van life and bus life nomads live around Australia. Check out the different ways people live in their bus or van, how they pursue their dreams, and of course, get some inside tips and tricks.

Subscribers: 6,020

Views: 565,778

Videos: 36

Average Views Per Video: 15,717

Joined: Jul 6, 2019

Popular Video: VAN TOUR | Amazing Sprinter Van Conversion (with an awesome bed lift!) | Van Life Australia

42. Lost On Land Again

I am a ‘van dweller in training’ preparing to hit the road full time.

Subscribers: 5,920

Views: 730,969

Videos: 485

Average Views Per Video: 1,508

Joined: Mar 16, 2006

Popular Video: WEEROLL Camper Tours -Tina and Vic

43. Campervan Tales

In a nutshell. Us two and our collies. Travels in our self converted campervan, stays in our static caravan in the Peak District or at home.

Subscribers: 5,600

Views: 1,179,612

Videos: 497

Average Views Per Video: 2,374

Joined: Apr 28, 2009

Popular Video: Amazing Campervan Conversion – Ford Transit

44. Vince Amendola

I will be sharing my journey from rock bottom to moving into a mini van and reconnecting with my amazing wife and partnering with her to bring love and life to this world.

Subscribers: 5,510

Views: 1,328,732

Videos: 221

Average Views Per Video: 6,013

Joined: Oct 11, 2006

Popular Video: Busted by the Cops while Stealth Camping

45. WannaBFree

This channel is about DIY projects, camper vans, solar and off-grid projects.

Subscribers: 5,490

Views: 1,785,649

Videos: 314

Average Views Per Video: 5,687

Joined: Dec 14, 2014

Popular Video: How to Seal RV Roof Seams with Dicor Lap Sealant

46. Pack The Van And Go

I’m Rob and my dog is called Archie (Airedale Terrier) and I’ve been living full time on the road since 2020. This journey began when I left the UK Armed Forces and retired and now spend the rest of my life travelling with the dog while living full time in our self converted van called Shaky.

Subscribers: 5,450

Views: 429,898

Videos: 245

Average Views Per Video: 1,755

Joined: Feb 14, 2011


47. The Vantasy Life

Former Professional Sports Executives trading our small cubicles for a giant #vanlife adventure around North America.

Subscribers: 4,960

Views: 964,067

Videos: 58

Average Views Per Video: 16,622

Joined: Nov 17, 2016

Popular Video: Our 2005 Sprinter Van Conversion Timelapse

48. Out Of This Van

We quit our jobs and moved into our converted Ram Promaster to explore the world!

Subscribers: 3,960

Views: 407,715

Videos: 248

Average Views Per Video: 1,645

Joined: Oct 13, 2019

Popular Video: Is That An EarthRoamer LTi | Overland Expo West 2022 Tour

49. CamperVanya – Solo Van Life UK

Hi I’m Sue from Lancashire, UK – I’m vlogging solo travels in my converted VW T6.1 Transporter, ‘Vanya’, re-engaging with life after losing my husband suddenly in 2019.

Subscribers: 3,900

Views: 256,265

Videos: 76

Average Views Per Video: 3,372

Joined: Mar 20, 2017

Popular Video: Vanlife Campervan Essentials – Equipment & Accessories for Camper Van Motorhome Caravan Camperlife

50. David Sandel

I’m a full-time VanLife’r and world traveler.

Subscribers: 3,140

Views: 804,980

Videos: 42

Average Views Per Video: 19,167

Joined: Jan 3, 2011

Popular Video: Living in a Van – Expandable Bed and Storage #VanLife

51. Travel Camp 365

My wife and I and our dog Flash will be traveling in our 2004 winnebago adventure and will be filming our adventures across the USA.

Subscribers: 3,010

Views: 463,000

Videos: 164

Average Views Per Video: 2,824

Joined: Dec 11, 2016

Popular Video: Panama City Beach Florida, I am so lucky!!

52. The Travel Life Mama

Solo female traveler touring the country in her minivan with her dog Charles at her side.

Subscribers: 2,130

Views: 312,183

Videos: 321

Average Views Per Video: 973

Joined: Aug 15, 2011

Popular Video: NO BUILD MINIVAN CAMPER TOUR: Minivan camper with freezer, bunk beds and built in window bug screen

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