What 4K Channels Does YouTube TV Have?

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Technology has come a long way, with bigger and better resolutions unveiled all the time. Now that we live in the age of 4K resolution — a whopping 4,000 pixels — it’s only natural that you’d want to be able to view everything in it.

And, if you’re here, you’re probably wondering whether or not YouTube TV has 4K channels for you to feast your eyes on.

Well, the answer to that question is yes! 4K channels that are on YouTube include ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, National Geographic, Discovery, FX, and Tastemade.

Come with us as we dive into the world of YouTube 4K Plus and tell you exactly what channels are available for your viewing pleasure.

What is YouTube 4K Plus? 

YouTube 4K Plus is an add-on to YouTube TV that allows you to view some live and on-demand programs in 4K Ultra High Definition.

Additionally, as well as being able to stream simultaneously while at home, you can also view offline recordings through the mobile app on your handheld device. You’ll know when 4K is streaming, as you’ll see “4K” selected on your video player.

Bear in mind that you’ll need a 4K Smart TV or 4K streaming device connected to a 4K TV in order to watch 4K programs.

You should also note that both Apple TV and PS4 Pro only allow 4K viewing on certain programs. Keep an eye out, as 4K Plus often runs discounts, and also offers a free-trial period.

YouTube ​​4K Plus Inclusions 

In addition to your base YouTube TV plan, when you purchase the 4K Plus add-on you’ll receive:

  • The option to view available programs in 4K
  • Unlimited simultaneous streaming while at home
  • The option to record programs to watch later offline.

What 4K Channels Does YouTube TV Have?

While not every channel is available on YouTube 4K Plus yet, a good amount of sport, documentary, and entertainment channels are available.

Bear in mind that only select programs from all of the below channels will be available in 4K — keep an eye out for the 4K symbol!


ESPN is a must for any sports fan with live broadcasts of games as well as highlights, talk shows, and documentaries.

They cover the NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, and plenty more besides.

FOX Sports

FOX Sports is another sports channel that offers live game broadcasts, team and player news, stats, schedules, standings, and more, across a variety of sports.

They cover MLB, NASCAR, WWE, NBA, NHL games, and more.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is the final channel in the sporting line-up, primarily focusing on live broadcast events.

They cover a huge range of sporting events across MLB, the French Open and Premier League, IndyCar and NASCAR, the NFL, golf, the Tour de France, college football, and the Olympic Games. They also show the Ironman Triathlon.

Nat Geo

Nat Geo — or National Geographic — is the go-to channel for all things documentaries, particularly those that are nature-related. However, it also sometimes plays reality shows.

If you’re a fan of nature, animal, or Amazing Race-style shows, then this is the channel for you.


Discovery focuses on shows about science, technology, and nature, as well as documentaries.

A few examples of shows that are available on Discovery in 4K on YouTube TV are How It’s Made, Misfit Garage, and Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers.


FX is a Disney Corporation-owned entertainment channel, home to shows such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Shield, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers.

Two FX shows that are available through YouTube TV in 4K are Pose and Snowfall.


Tastemade is a channel for foodies and travelers, featuring cooking or travel-related videos.

Available Tastemade shows on YouTube TV in 4K include Make This Tonight, Struggle Meals, Mad Good Food, Basic Versus Baller: Travel at Any Budget, and The Community Table.

Is YouTube 4K Plus Worth It? 

When YouTube TV first rolled out 4K Plus, it had a fairly large price tag attached. When paired with the already not-cheap base price, it was questionable whether or not it would be worth the investment. 

However, at the beginning of 2023, this dropped significantly – providing customers not only with a discount to 4K Plus, but for two whole years to boot.

Now, if you’re a big sports fan (and especially of live sports), then 4K Plus gives you access to the three main sports channels all in glorious 4K.

Plus, you get the ability to DVR events and games to watch later offline – perhaps when you’re commuting or on the go.

However, for everyone else, the available selection of shows per channel may not quite hit the mark. Though we can’t deny that watching nature or food programs in glorious 4K is quite the viewing event.

Having said that, with the free trial period and low introductory price, you may as well give it a go and see if there are any channels out there to make it worth it for you.

The Bottom Line 

YouTube 4K Plus may have a somewhat limited number of available channels currently, but that may be all you need to watch your shows in the highest resolution possible (as long as you have the right viewing equipment).

If you’re a big sports fan, the choice of ESPN, FOX Sports, and NBC Sports will keep you entertained for hours.

Meanwhile, nature, food, and documentary enthusiasts will be able to dig into selected shows on Nat Geo, Discovery, and Tastemade. And if you’re into binge-worthy entertainment, FX has you covered.

Plus, with a free-trial period and a potentially low introductory price, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t upgrade to YouTube 4K Plus and see what you’ve been missing out on.

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