What Cooking Shows Can You Watch On Peacock?

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Whether you love to cook, enjoy a good competition on TV, or want to learn new cooking skills and recipes in the kitchen, cooking shows can be the ultimate guilty pleasure. Most streaming sites have many options, but what cooking shows can you watch on Peacock?  

Peacock has many cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, Top Chef Jr., What’s Cooking with Julie Chrisley, Baking It, Food Fighters, Pati’s Mexican Table, and Get Cooking with… Peacock offers something unique with each cooking show for a wide range of viewers.  

From watching celebrities get creative behind the stove to learning easy, quick recipes and even enjoying amateur home chefs competing against professionals, check out these nine cooking shows you can watch on Peacock.  

Hell’s Kitchen  

Everyone knows the pragmatic celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. His self-confidence, fiery demeanor, and bluntness have caused everyone to gasp at some point in front of the screen. Hell’s Kitchen is a cooking show by chef Ramsey, who takes aspiring young chefs through “hell” and back.  

His rigorous tests through several challenges in the kitchen keep the chefs and the audience on edge. The show portrays two teams competing for a head chef job at a restaurant. It starts with 20 chefs, and there is one winner at the end of each season.  

There are currently 21 seasons of Hell’s Kitchen, and you can binge 19 seasons on Peacock. The latest seasons will be available in due course on the streaming site.  

Top Chef  

Top Chef is one of America’s most popular cooking shows, known and loved worldwide. The show brings 15 aspiring, top-level professional chefs from around the US to compete. They are put through challenges to create unique and delicious dishes.  

At the end of each season, one winner gets the “Top Chef America” title. One of the most exciting factors of the show is the changes in the location of each season. They also contrast high-profile foodie towns and visit various restaurants. It keeps the show fresh and viewers engaged.  

There are currently 19 seasons of Top Chef. Peacock airs all 19 available seasons, and the word is that season 20 is in the works.  

Top Chef Jr.  

One of the most inspiring things to witness is talented kids working their way around a kitchen, creating delicious, top-notch meals. Top Chef Junior brings 12 aspiring chefs from around America to compete.  

The junior chefs must prove they have everything it takes to become the next top chefs, with one winner at the end of each season. If you love Top Chef, the junior version is a spin-off and is fun for adults and kids alike. The challenges are the same as viewers know and enjoy from the original Top Chef.  

Top Chef Jr. currently has two seasons of the show, which is available for streaming on Peacock. No news of a new season has been released yet.  

What’s Cooking With Julie Chrisley  

It is not often that a matriarchal figure shows up on the screen as a celebrity chef. Julie Chrisley defies this narrative on her show bringing a balance of Southern staples with contemporary cuisine. She creates beautiful, delicious dishes from family-favorite recipes.  

With each recipe, Julie discusses the stories and secrets of where they came from and how they were created. She invites members of the Chrisley family as special guests, bringing a fun, personal touch to the show and keeping viewers engaged and entertained.  

What’s Cooking with Julie Chrisley has two seasons, both available on the Peacock streaming service.  

Baking It  

For those who love baking, Baking It is a binge-worthy, indulgent series on Peacock. There is something extra nerve-wracking and entertaining about watching contestants compete against each other to create beautiful and tasty sweet and savory desserts with a time limit.  

The show hosts eight teams of two bakers, but the participants are highly talented home bakers. They go through a series of rounds and themes, and one team wins a cash prize. You can enjoy wit and comedy from Andy Samberg as the host of the first season and Amy Poehler as the second.  

Baking It has two seasons to stream on Peacock, and there is no word of a new season yet.  

Food Fighters  

If you want to watch a cooking show with amateur home-based chefs, Food Fighters is the fantastic one to binge. The home chefs get to compete against five celebrity chefs. The fun sets in when the professionals try to create better versions of the participants’ signature dishes.  

The show is hosted by Adam Richman, the popular actor and TV host who everyone knows and loves for hosting several culinary programs. The show portrays a series of cooking competitions with a final prize of $100,000.  

Food Fighters has two seasons currently. Both seasons are available to binge on Peacock, and no release date for a third season has been scheduled.  

Patis Mexican Table2  

Pati Jinich, the face of Patis Mexican Table, created her cooking show to feature her nostalgia for the Mexican food that nurtured her childhood. She brings authentic Mexican cuisine with its range of textures and flavors to the screen.  

Pati also combines her ethnic recipes with Western food to create various dishes. The show demonstrates live cooking and multi-course tasting dinners. The unique aspect of this show is that Pati brings traditional Mexican culture to American homes showing the evolution of food.  

Peacock currently has two seasons of Patis Mexican Table for streaming. There are 11 seasons in a total of the cooking show.  

Get Cooking With…  

The fun and entertaining Get Cooking With… TV show features a list of popular chefs who showcase their favorite recipes. Each recipe is helpful to viewers giving you meals that you can easily prepare at home for the whole family any day or night of the week.  

Despite being celebrity chefs, they create their favorite simple recipes which require basic pantry ingredients and give you a range of ideas and techniques that everyone can enjoy. One episode even features Geoffrey Zakarian with his four daughters for fun, family-friendly entertainment.  

Get Cooking With currently has only 1 season available, which you can stream on Peacock. There is no news on another season as yet.  


Next time you’re looking for a culinary binge-watch or want to learn new skills to apply to your kitchen, enjoy one of these cooking shows available on your Peacock subscription.  

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